10 Faux Barn Wood Weathering Techniques

As I’m getting ready to paint and re-stain my new (used) dining table, I went in search of some faux barn wood weathering techniques to try to get the look of the table on my mood board.  I have found 10 that I love and want to share.

Each of these approaches use a mix of different products to make the wood look old and aged. And the end results vary from a darker wood finish to a lighter washed-out wood patina. Let’s check them out. 

10 Faux weathered barn wood stain and paint techniques | How to make new wood look old | Stowandtellu.com

10 faux barn wood paint and stain techniques

Faux rustic stain technique for builder grade oak cabinets | The Honeycomb Home | 10 faux barn wood weathering ideas

1) Faux weathering on builder grade wood cabinets.

Do you have the “standard oak style cabinets” in your home? We have them in our kitchen and I’d love the change them up. If you’re not big the idea of painting your cabinets, this weathering technique might be just what you are looking for.

The Honeycomb Home on builder grade oak style cabinets.

Faux barnwood white wash paint technique | Cherished Bliss | 10 Ways to make wood look old

2) Layering paint and stain for a faux white washed barn wood look.

I love the contrast of this white washed finish. Deep and dark under tones with a white or light colored top coat.

Cherished Bliss using a layered paint and staining white wash technique.

Farmhouse faux weathered barn wood stain | Knick of Time | 10 faux wood aging techniques | Stowandtellu

3) Faux wood weathering accelerator technique.

There’s nothing like the natural grain of a piece of wood, right?  This technique is used on bare wood so you can go from new to weathered with a few brush strokes.

Knick of Time using a weathering accelerator on bare wood.

Faux greige weathered barn wood stain | Twelve on Main | 10 faux weathered wood paint and stain finishes | Stowandtellu

4) DIY faux rustic greigy grey wood paint and stain formula.

Have you been wondering how to get that greigey grey stained wood look? I know I have, and this tutorial shows you just how to do it.

Twelve on Main using a unique potion of paint and stain for a greige effect.

Dark barn wood faux painting effect | Country Design Style | 10 rustic wood paint and stain diy finishes

5) Farmhouse faux aged wood technique with chalky paint.

When an old piece of furniture has seen better days, but it’s wood tones and patina are far too pretty to paint over or refinish. Why not add a little more faux patina to bring out the piece’s best features?

Country Design Style using chalky paint over an old stained dresser.

How to age wood with plaster | Hunt and Host | 10 ways to make wood look old and weathered

6) A faux barnwood look with plaster.

Did you know they have a plaster made just for weathering wood? Well they do, and you have to see how easy it is to use.  You’ll want to plaster-age everything after seeing this.

Hunt and Host using a plaster product made just for aging.

DIY barn wood stain | Blesser House | 10 diy faux wood aging tips

7) Homemade stain to barn wood look.

Mother nature has naturally aged all the real barns of the world. It makes sense that using natural products to age wood will produce a similar effect.

Blesser House using homemade stain with products you might already have around the house.

Faux barn wood stain with bleach | Twelve on Main | 10 ways to age wood | Stowandtellu

8) Faux weathered wood with bleach.

They say the sun ages wood faster than snow, rain or cold weather. There’s something about sun bleached wood that makes my heart go pitter patterWinking smile

Twelve on Main weathering wood with bleach.

Faux barn wood on a door | The Magic Brush | 10 ways to make wood look old | stowandtellu9) Barn wood look with a weathering stain.

If you don’t like chancing it with diy type products. Big name brands do make weathering stains. Here is a tutorial for how to use a weathering stain from Jennifer Atwood.

The Magic Brush (Jennifer Atwood) using a weathered wood stain and a few inexpensive staining tools.

Modern farmhouse faux barn wood style | Blesser House | 10 faux barn wood weathering paint and stain techniques

10) Faux barn wood painting with chalk paint.

Getting that greigey grey look with chalk paint and wax is possible, as well. I love the look of this table (which was originally black). The quintessential modern farmhouse paint finish.

Blesser House using chalk paint and a wax finish.

10 diy faux barn wood weathering paint and stain finishes | Stowandtellu.com


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  1. Doreen@foxdenrd July 10, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    Lots of beautiful inspiration here Amy. I’m sure your table will turn out awesome!


    • Amy July 12, 2017 at 10:31 pm #

      Thank you, Doreen. I’m pretty excited to give it a new look!

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