11+ Ways to Make Your Own Faux Snow

The other day, I showed you how I bottled up some faux snow into snow in a jar ornaments, and that post included an easy faux snow recipe, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg on faux snow…wah, wah, wahhh!

Here are some killer chiller ways to make safe, non-toxic faux snow this season for your holiday decor, crafts or for children to play and get creative with.   

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Just about all of these are made with common household and/or craft products which makes it inexpensive and more convenient than you might imagine.


…and I promise not to get any cornier!



See how Big Red Kitchen uses a (non-toxic) item that one usually keeps under the kitchen sink to create this gorgeous faux snow, evergreen and cranberry filled vase.


Play, Create, Explore shares a faux snow recipe using only two household ingredients that is perfect for making faux snow balls with the kids.


Click on over to see how Chickabug makes this powdery, sparkly blend of faux snow that you can fill into vases and jars to add a wintery look to your holiday decor.

Make Faux Snow with Soap -from Craft Thyme

Craft Thyme uses a bar of soap and one other ingredient to make a faux snow for flocking Christmas trees, wreaths and just about any other “flockable” holiday decor.


Epbot.com uses a different but equally easy recipe to make this type of faux snow for flocking.


Snowman love going on over here!!

Here is a recipe for making moldable faux snow using soap and one other household necessity at Blogs Baby Center from NoBiggie.Net.  


You can use this recipe, which includes just two common craft products to make a “melting faux snow” texture that can be used for a variety of crafty projects that need a snowy touch.


About.com shows you how to make a non-toxic faux snow using a common polymer that you can get in most local stores. 


Here is another loose and powdery faux snow recipe made from household products that can be used in candles, vases and jars.


More snowman love!!

Keep those snowmen from melting with this glittery diy snow paint from Jeweled Rose?  


Here are 10 more very kid-friendly ways to make faux snow,  featured over at Blog Me Mom that will entice the little ones to get creative during any season.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with store-bought fake snow.  It definitely comes in handy for basic holiday crafts and decor, but it is only so versatile, and it’s usually not meant for children to play with.

All of these faux snow recipes are quick and easy to make, typically safe for children and allow you to add a wintery touch to the season in ways that regular store-bought faux snow won’t apply.

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and remember, if it’s not real…it’s faux 😉 ~ Amy

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  1. Sherry December 14, 2014 at 9:35 am #

    I LOVE this! Pinned!!!

  2. Heather C December 14, 2014 at 10:16 am #

    I gave my friend one of the snow projects you showed the other day, and it was fun – she is a sun lover – she hates snow, so I have to give her some every Christmas.

  3. Doreen@Househoneys December 14, 2014 at 10:17 pm #

    I never knew about some of these! Lots of creativity here!

    I like the idea of the non toxic one, but they’re all fab!

  4. Feral Turtle December 15, 2014 at 6:55 am #

    Thank you for putting together this collection Amy. I am going to pin this for reference. I love corny Amy…we want more!

  5. Danni@SiloHillFarm December 15, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    That is quite a round-up and I can’t wait to check some of them out!


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