I like to re-purpose spaces, furniture and things.  I’ve done many projects and made many, many mistakes. but I simply enjoy the activity of recreating something new from something old or used.


Finding storage solutions is an ongoing endeavor in my life.  I dislike clutter, but it seems to follow me, closely, I might add. So, I continue to search and find workable ways to organize, store and de-clutter.


I am fascinated with texture in all forms.   I hope to explore new and challenging ways to create texture, to be inspired by others, and to share what I find.


Whether it’s a trip to a local store or a bonafide vacation it all qualifies as voyage and destination and that equals travel to me.  When I travel, I like to take in my surroundings and explore the uniqueness that a place has to offer.   Once I am back home, I might try to replicate an item I’ve seen,  salvage a memento from the trip or create my own memento.  Since life is often so stressful and traveling is a means of relaxation, what better way is there, than to weave your travel experiences into your daily surroundings?

Route 66

Disclaimer:  I am in no way an expert on Route 66.  The information I provide here is true to the best of my knowledge.  I have used several resources to obtain as much detail and fact as possible, with the objective of providing anyone reading this a visual experience for their enjoyment; as well as, some reference information should they ever wish to visit said locations on their own.

My name is Amy Ellis. I am married to Ken, and I have a son named Kevin, now in graduate school.  Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago where you can go from farmland to big city at commuter speed, I attended Columbia College and received a Bachelor of Arts.  A single mom for many years, being near family made sense, never mind the summer’s heat, the winter’s cold, nor the fast-paced life that seems to be the norm in the windy city.

Until recently I spent much of my time keeping my mom company in her golden years.

I truly cherish every moment we spent together.

Lady from the farmhouse

Finding inspiration on my travels, pushing the limits with texture, an ongoing search for storage ideas and salvaging the long forgotten are probably my greatest passions.


My philosophy:
If I had nine lives… I ask myself… how would I choose to live them?
When l’m feeling down, I imagine for a while,  that I am living one of my other eight lives.
Then I get on with it.


God is Creation. Creation is God. 

 I believe.