How bout them apples? and a Chalkboard Project Wall

Have you ever felt like you need a whole wall to keep track of the projects you want to accomplish?

Our project list has moved to a chalkboard project wall in our kitchen for four main reasons, although I’m not sure there has to be a reason at all, here are my four:


Chalkboard project wall

1) There are certain projects that we absolutely have to get done. And what better way then an in-your-face reminder?

2) There is so much that I’d like to get done on the outside of the house, I’ve tagged it “yardworkation” and I’m challenging myself to see what I can pull off before the summer is over.

3) We’ve begun the work on the hobby shed and I’m thinking this is great place to keep track of our forecast and progress.

4) I work first shift and Ken works second, so the project wall will be “the great communicator” for both keeping us on track.


White wall/ blank slate

I can keep going with reasons, but I also have to say that for all the “not-painting” taking place, ie: living with the wrong paint color living room, $100 office/guest bedroom makeover and the rest,

it was fun to get my paint brush wet and making my own chalkboard paint from this tutorial from Mom4Real.


Wall painted with Dutch Boy color Timbermine (flat) mixed per the diy chalkboard paint instructions in link mentioned above.

It also gave me a chance to pull together a few fun thrifted finds temporarily and just for fun.

The upside down apple prints.  Interesting, aren’t they?

They are not signed, but I found a listing on Ebay that said the original price was $225 each. Although the current listing was $35 and “not sold”. Oh well, I thought they were adorable, and so here they hang, for now.

The straw hat.  Apples and straw hats just go together. Don’t they?


The white painted ladder. It’s my new step stool since my old step stool somehow ended up in Philadelphia with my son’s belongings.

When the mover’s came to pack his stuff last summer, they inadvertently packed my step stool along with a box of my romance novels, of which Kevin was quite entertained to find while unpacking.


The three legged, antique, carved ram, side table (say that 10 times fast) which I actually acquired when I helped my friend Judy move last fall.  Just look at that detail.

I’ve just started getting our projects organized on the wall, the list is much longer… and I’m quite certain that there will be revisions, but it is nice to get some of the noise out of my head and onto “the wall”.


Since working on projects is what I consider “fun”, the rest of the household may not always agree. Perhaps now I can find it within myself to add a few more items to the “fun list” on the project wall

Hope you are having a great week ~ Amy

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3 Responses to How bout them apples? and a Chalkboard Project Wall

  1. Sharleen Wolfe June 1, 2016 at 9:40 am #

    Love your wall there Amy xx

  2. chris aka monkey June 1, 2016 at 11:05 am #

    i think you are fond of apples and these prints are awesome they look pretty big and add a nice pop of color, i wish we had a wall to do this to in the kitchen but we only have little pieces here and there nice ob xx

  3. Bliss June 3, 2016 at 9:29 am #

    Reading over the Fun List, it looks like the workcation will be coming to an end in July. I hope my workcation ends that soon, but I fear it will be October before I’m having outside fun.

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