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Inexpensive container gardening with herbs as accent plants to flowers | stowandtellu.com

Inexpensive Container Gardening with Herbs as Accent Plants

I finally got around to adding a few container planters to our yard and this year I decided to go with the idea of using herbs as the accent plants to the flowers. I wanted to tell you about it because I’m super happy with how mine are morphing into some of the prettiest arrangements […]

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How to make wood look old | 10 faux barn wood weathering techniques | faux barnwood paint and stain ideas | stowandtellu.com

10 Faux Barn Wood Weathering Techniques

As I’m getting ready to paint and re-stain my new (used) dining table, I went in search of some faux barn wood weathering techniques to try to get the look of the table on my mood board.  I have found 10 that I love and want to share. Each of these approaches use a mix […]

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Tips for transplanting seedlings and hardening seedlings off outdoors | stowandtellu.com

Start with a Seed (part 6) Transplanting and Hardening Off Seedlings

Welcome to Start with a Seed part 6. In part 5, I showed you some of the positive and negative results I’d had with my seedling growing project and a tip for keeping cats away from an indoor green house. Negatives aside, I’m happy to say I’ve managed to keep some of these seedling babes […]

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Rustic cottage mood board

Dark Trim Gone Wrong and Mood Board Inspiration

I’ve been in hunter-gatherer mode for living room decor these last few weeks. When I started painting the living room, I made the mistake of not really thinking about what was going to hang on the walls, what some of the other new pieces were going to look like, and so on.  Not a suggested […]

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Repurposed beer and barbecue sauce bottle cap magnets | stowandtellu.com

Our Favorite BBQ Sauce and How to Make Bottle Cap Magnets

I’ve always loved the beer and soda bottle cap projects, but how about using other types of jar and bottle lids? Since we have several beer snobs in the family, I’ve saved a lot of craft beer bottle caps. But we’re also big fans of Stubb’s Barbecue Sauce and the Stubb’s sauce happens to come […]

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What Paint Color is Trending for You? {and a $25.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway}

Hi friends. How is it going? Let’s talk paint colors. What is trending for you? Or do you keep it simple and stay away from the trends? I have seen sooo many different styles lately my head is spinning. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love what I’m seeing. Newest of all is the bold, […]

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Anvil Gray Chalky Finish spray painted dining chair set | stowandtellu.com

Anvil Gray Chalky Finish Spray Painted Dining Chair Set : Living Room Update

I’ve been pretty intrigued by all these chalky finish paints. How about you? What’s a chalky finish? Is it different from chalk paint?  Well, after some research online, I decided to try out the Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint because the description said that it can be used on furniture, with or without any kind […]

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helpful-tips-sampling-paint-colors | stowandtellu.com

Sampling Paint Colors on the Wall : Living Room Update

I’m working on our living room update and I’m still trying to pull a room design together the old fashioned way. Eyeing it out with a lot of guessing. I don’t have a fancy mood board to show off. I’ve yet to learn how to make one online, although I do think they are a […]

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Six Lessons learned from Mothers | 6 Women with great outlooks | Stowandtellu.com

6 Life Lessons Learned from Mothers I Know and Love

Often times, the only way to learn a life lesson is to try something, fail, and then pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep going. Sometimes, though, you learn valuable lessons for living from others in your life just by following their example. For me, it has been at some of the most painful […]

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Start with a Seed (part 5): Success and Failures and Keeping Cats Away

Are you growing seeds this season?  How are yours coming along?  My seed growing outcome thus far is both good and bad. While I hope your’s is better than mine, if it isn’t, don’t give up. And I won’t either. Welcome to Start with a Seed part 5. I’ve got a success-and-failure seed growing update […]

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10-homemade-salsa-party-bar-recipe-ideas | stowandtellu

10 Homemade Salsa Party Bar Recipes

With Cinco de Mayo and summer coming up around here, I’m hoping to put together a salsa party bar at one of our next gatherings. I’ve been inspired by this chips and salsa bar party from Bakin Bit and the apple bar party I had last fall. A themed party bar is not that hard to pull […]

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How to stencil jar candles with honey bee design | Stowandtellu.com

Sweet as Honey: DIY Stenciled Bee Jar Candle

Last weekend I made some stenciled bee jar candles. A honey bee stencil, black paint and several $5 jar candles from the dollar store. Pretty easy peasy for a Saturday afternoon project. I’m going to give them away as Mother’s Day gifts to a few of the special moms in my life. This post contains […]

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Our New Small Living Room Layout – In the Raw

Welcome to the start of our living room makeover where the objective is to create a better design flow; make the room more usable; and improve it all around with a fresh coat of paint, window treatments and some pretty art on the walls. We have an ongoing challenge in our home. There’s a leak […]

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Rte 66 Wandering - Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket - Original Route 66 restaurant | Stowandtellu.com

Rt 66 Wandering #6 – Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of my friends at Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket in Willowbrook, IL. While, I could say we went there to have some of their famous fried chicken, we actually went for the Friday fish fry. Which happens to include whole lobster, fried shrimp or all you can eat fried […]

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Small-sun-porch-furniture-rearrange | stowandtellu

Sun Porch Furniture Rearrange. Unconventional, But it’s Working!

You know that feeling you get when you re-arrange your furniture, It’s like you’ve solved a puzzle or something. For me, in this small home, I kind of feel like I’ve almost solved the Rubix cube. Well maybe just a little anyway. In this particular instance, it’s because I’ve stared down my sun porch dining […]

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