Isn’t Everybody Someone? {and a Printable}

When my son was down in Houston a few years ago, he was driving down the highway and saw some wording painted on an over pass that read, “Be Someone”.  He took a photo, and at some point he showed it to me.



Have you ever noticed that we often use this expression, even if we don’t say it exactly like this?

I want to be someone, someday!

They always told her she would be someone.

You can be someone, too, if you buy these jeans, shoes, sunglasses, etc…

If I’m with the in-crowd, I’ll finally be someone.

Look at that car he’s driving, he must really be someone…


I know. I know. I know.  The motivation of this expression is, in many cases, meant to push you to be the best that you can be. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

But so often I think the message gets miscontrued as a belief that if you don’t have a great job, or you’re not famous, popular, rich, or super special in some way or another, or if you don’t wear or own a certain brand…then you’re no one.


Whenever I hear this expression, in my head, I always want to answer back, “everybody already is someone.”

Maybe some of us want to be something.  I want to be a diy blogger, but that surely doesn’t then make me someone. I should know I was someone already. And so was everyone else.

Maybe the expression should be, “Be Something,” or “Do Something,” or “Become Something,” or “Buy Something…if it really makes you feel special.”


Because you ARE already SOMEONE.


In no way am I trying to be the expression police.

By all means let the Be Someoners call out “Be Someone” wherever they please.


All’s I’m saying is that if I happen to be nearby, I just might have a comeback;)

Be Someone-no-everybody-is-someone-download


Is there any expression that you’d like to have a comeback for?

Hope you all have a great weekend ~ Amy

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3 Responses to Isn’t Everybody Someone? {and a Printable}

  1. sharleen March 19, 2016 at 6:01 am #

    thats cute Amy.. 🙂 good encouragement. Iam being some one today. Myself. and Iam always becoming that some one more and more each day.. Its about enjoying what you do. and doing what you love.. <3 Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Feral Turtle March 21, 2016 at 11:07 am #

    Well said Amy!! You made me think today. Thanks!! A great download

  3. Feral Turtle March 21, 2016 at 11:09 am #

    Pinned it!!

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