Booware!!! Repurposed Halloween Decoration

If you have and outdated wreath or hanging wall décor, you can re-purpose it by turning it into a Halloween decoration with just a little paint and creativity.  This outdated hanging wall décor was my mother’s.  Though she had it around for a while, even she stopped putting it up as a decoration after having it for such a long time.  Since I hate to see things end up a landfill, I thought that maybe I could re-purpose it with a little black paint and a few items I had around the house.










(Suggested items you can use to make a re-purposed Halloween decoration:)

A wreath or hanging wall décor that you don’t want anymore

Craft paint in black, purple and orange

Black spray paint

Chip board or foam letters

White foam craft sheet

Thin craft paint brush (or black marker)



Glue gun with glue sticks



Paint décor item black with spray paint, by applying a few thin coats until you no longer see the original colors of the item, and let dry.  I painted both sides of this one.





Cut out a ghost shape from the white foam craft sheet.  If you fold the foam sheet in half and then cut the shape you will have two that look the same.






Come up with a saying (keep it simple) and then using your letters dry fit onto your décor item to make sure you like how it looks.







Paint you letters, if needed, and then with craft paint or black marker make your ghost faces on the ghost forms.







To add a little detail, cut a few small squares out of a sponge.  With the hot glue gun glue the toothpicks to the sponge to make a “pouncing sponge”.





Using colored craft paint and pouncing sponge, apply some detail to any areas on your décor item that will allow.

Apply your letters and ghosts with the glue gun and you’re done.

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