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Sewing Room Lazy Susan -

Sewing Room Lazy Susan

Lazy susans can be quite handy in the kitchen, but how about in your sewing or craft room?  I have been piecing together items for a sewing/craft room that I don’t even have, yet, but who could pass up a pair of lazy susans that would otherwise end up in the trash?  Not me, that’s […]

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From Black to White Ombre Dot Glass Canister Set

Give a plain glass canister set a make over with an easy hand painted ombre dot finish.  The ombre technique is basically a gradation of shades or colors.  I painted this glass canister set with a masculine touch of black and white as my second undertaking in project bachelor pad, which is an ongoing collection […]

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Repuposed tin can sewing caddy | pin cushion sewers caddy | stowandtellu

Tin Can Pin Cushion Caddy

I needed an updated pin cushion, so I decided to go large and make a tin can pin cushion caddy!  Although I don’t actually have a designated sewing or craft room, just yet, one can always dream.  I’ve already made a seamstress mini dress form, for said room, so why not forge ahead with a […]

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Sewing Room Seamstress Mini Dress Form

Whenever I see an old wire seamstress dress form, I can’t help but imagine Coco Channel in vintage Paris…pinning her newest design to one of these forms.  I decided that I wanted a seamstress form for my craft room, as they are quintessential to sewing, a skill of which I’ve learned a bit about from […]

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How to Make a Paper and Wire Flower

Done up French Quarter style, these paper and wire flowers are much easier than they look to make.  Spring is here, the weather is finally getting warmer and I am longing to go to New Orleans for this year’s Jazz & Heritage Festival.  Knowing that I won’t be making it down, I pulled out my […]

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Dune Buggy Memories: Souvenir Photo Serving Tray with Envirotex Lite

A while back I posted, Dune Buggy Memories from Silver Lake Sand Dunes, about a childhood vacation where I took my first (and only) dune buggy ride. In that post I vowed to come with some kind of souvenir memento creation for the vintage photos from that trip.  In attempt to obtain a slightly vintage looking […]

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How to make rust with potatoes

Non-Toxic, No-Nonsense, No Foolin’ How to Make Metal Rust with Potatoes

  Once considered junk, rusty old items have become trendy furniture, garden art and home decor.   I myself haven’t mastered this look, but I have needed to make newer nails and hardware look rusty from time to time,  and along the way, I discovered a non-toxic, no-nonsense method to make rust, using potatoes!  There […]

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How to Dye? Confessions of a Burlap Newbie

I confess…I am quite new to the online world of crafting, blogging while crafting, pinteresting while crafting, and so on.  I have to admit, I feel like of newbie a LOT these days.  I’ve been crafting in my own little world for a quite a while, but one medium I’ve never really gotten into is […]

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Diy Recipe Book Binder

Make your own recipe book binder to help you organize all of the recipes that you print out from your favorite online recipe sources.  If you have a binder that you no longer use, you can easily re-purpose it into a useful holder for recipes.   I made this one for my son to take […]

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How to make a duct tape belt from cardboard

If you like duct tape crafts, then you might like this idea for making a duct tape belt from a cardboard box.  Certainly not fancy, but this basic belt design is versatile enough to wear with a variety of fashion attire.  Chances are that unless your friends are trendy, no one will even notice that […]

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Faux Canvas Wrapped Photo Framing

I framed these great photos, taken from my son’s recent deep sea fishing trip in Cancun, Mexico. I wanted to get a canvas wrapped look for these photos, but I didn’t want to spend money to buy canvas frames, so I cut up some left over plywood and no longer needed mdf shelving to use […]

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Elf Stocking Ornaments-made from cardboard-StowandTellU

Elf Stocking Ornaments

These elf stocking ornaments are super cheap and easy to make.  They’re made from card board, can you get any cheaper than that?  These would be great as a whimsical gift for someone special or for your own Christmas tree.   Once you cut out the elf stocking patterns from the card board pieces, you can […]

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DIY Gift Holder

Make your own gift holder for the holidays.  This cute and easy to make  gift envelope can be used to hold anything small you can think of that you want to package creatively. I filled mine with seeds from my garden, but you could fill it with jewelry, gift cards, movie tickets or even cash.  […]

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Re-purposed Sweater to Cat Cozy

  This sweater has seen better days, though someone in my house doesn’t seem to think so. Cleaning out my closet, I put this sweater in the donate pile, only to find my cat, we call him Kitty,  laying on top of it the very next day.  Then a light bulb went on:  why don’t […]

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