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Salvaged Blouse to Spring Vase

Nothing said spring like this brightly colored blouse I came across at the Goodwill a few weeks ago.  It was pale yellow with accents of bright green, purple and orange.  Made of a gauzy material, it had a kind of three dimensional texture with a flowery pattern running through it.  Just too pretty to pass […]

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Turn an Old Sweater into a Cat Bed

That’s right, salvage an old sweater and turn it into a cat bed!  In honor of fuzzy sweater season and because I seem to have an itch for yarn projects right now, as in the DIY yarn wrapped lamp,  I’m going to re-share one of my oldest blog posts to date:  a re-purposed sweater to […]

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Speckled Egg Textured Decoupage Mason Jars

In my quest to find to perfect faux speckled egg texture, I have reached another threshold of speckled egg texture bliss.  I won’t call this perfection, no siree, but I tried a little something different from the splatter paint texture technique of last year.   After making the paint dipped soup cans a few months ago, […]

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Rubbed Chicken Wire Texture on Paper

Would you like to get the look of chicken wire without all the chicken wire commitment?  Okay, well there’s a small commitment.  You will need a piece of chicken wire.  But you won’t have to bend, flex,  and tie it off like I so rigorously did with the chicken wire lamp shade, pumpkins, Christmas trees […]

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Feeling Green Beaded Bottles

Copper and green were my colors of choice when I took a little road trip this weekend to craft with Jen from Girl in the Garage  as she was hosting a Hometalk / Pinterest craft party at her local Michaels store.  It was a short trip, just a little over and hour away, but well […]

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Hippie Valentine Burlap Dye Experiment

I love a good experiment and that is exactly where I was headed when trying to mix Rit Dye colors while making a burlap table runner.  I had most recently tried washing burlap and had pre-cut a few of the pieces as table runners.  Using a mix of Cocoa, Scarlet and Tan dye colors with […]

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Burlap Unraveled: Washing, Drying and What to Expect

Machine washing and drying burlap is not quite as simple as washing most other fabrics such as cotton, but it is possible.  There is a little more to it with various expected or unexpected results.  As I am starting another burlap project, I decided to give the machine washer/ dryer method a try despite my […]

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Valentine Twig Heart Trivet

Just before the holidays we made a bunch of twig ornaments for our family get together and they went over quite well.  Not that anyone in my family would dare tell me otherwise, wink, wink!! Anyways,  I really liked the rustic yet organized texture that comes about from lining up something as simple and abundant […]

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Paint Dipped Plant Tins. Free with a Can of Soup!

These paint dipped soup cans were originally shared over at Inspiration Cafe.  In case you missed it, I’m showing them off one more time because I’m guilty as charged… I like making soup and tin can projects…as in most recently with soup can centerpiece for the holidays and last spring with a tin can pin […]

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The Best Part of 2013 was…

Are you still in 2013 mode, or have you said your good-byes and you’re not lookin’ back? I’ve been enjoying a great holiday season with my son home from Georgia to visit, though he’s getting ready to head back in a few days. There’s been plenty of family time, good cooking, movie marathons, and I […]

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Chicken wire Trio of Christmas trees -

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree-O

Some how, we never got around to putting up our Christmas tree this year. Perhaps it’s the ongoing kitchen update and basement remodel but I wanted to add a few Christmassy touches to the place. You may have seen the faux snow soup can centerpiece, but I still wanted something that I could add lights […]

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Snow Covered Texture and a Soup Can Centerpiece

It’s snowing here… right now as a matter of fact.  I look outside and everything is covered in white and glisten.  I’m not going to break into song, I promise, but I really wanted to capture that snow covered look and bring it inside where it’s much warmer.  So I mixed and measured and with […]

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Keepsake Memorial or Memory Ornament - StowandTellU

She Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way Keepsake Memorial Ornament

We finished the twig ornament project over this past weekend.  Our group was comprised of two guys breaking sticks, two girls with hot glue guns and several comedians to keep us in stitches while we worked on the ornaments.  Three hours later, we had a count of twenty plus ornaments and sore fingers from breaking […]

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Rustic twig and cardboard Christmas tree ornaments - StowandTellU

Rustic Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

We have a big Christmas get-together each year and as a tradition, we make homemade ornaments for everyone.  There’s almost forty of us,  and it’s never on Christmas day.  There is just too many of us.  We ALWAYS try to make these ornaments on the cheap, and I’m usually the one who has to come […]

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Souvenir and Boutique Bag Shoe Box StorageBox Storage-StowandTellU

Souvenir Bag Shoe Box Storage

My son went to Nashville and all he got me was a coffee mug!! Sure, I love my coffee, so the mug does come in handy, thank you.  But, in all honesty, I actually got a little more attached to the fancy bags he brought the souvenirs home in. Not the plastic kind, but the […]

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