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Furniture Freshening: DIY Rope Handles

The guys in my house don’t like painted furniture!!!  While my son’s been home these past few weeks, we’ve been pulling together furniture pieces for him out of my waiting-for-a-makeover collection. Several of the pieces are faux wood laminate and although I offered to paint any or all, he insisted that I don’t need to […]

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Furniture Freshening and a Welcome Home Party

After 6 months working abroad in Dubai, my son is due back home in the states later this week!!!  We’ve been cleaning and getting the townhouse in order for his arrival.  He’ll be home a few weeks than off to his next assignment which will be home in the US and it should last a […]

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Left Over Primer Painted Table Lamp Makeover

We’ve got a wholotta primer paint left over from our painted vinyl basement floor job, and I plan to use as much of it as I can.  I’ve already used some of it up on the grain sack fishing cabinet, but there was plenty left, even after that (as in half a 5 gallon bucket), […]

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Oops! Grain Sack Painted Storage Cabinet

Now that we have our over the couch shelf in place and one side of the basement almost dialed in, we’ve moved onto finding a storage area for our camping and fishing gear.  I’ve had two Sauder furniture cabinets for a good twenty years.   I figured, hey, no reason to get rid of them […]

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DIY Decoupaged Coffee Sack Furniture Cabinet

Small spaces often require dual purpose furniture, so while we wanted a piece of furniture with a cozy, game room feel to place next to Ken’s pinball and slot machines, we also wanted to hide the kitty litter box.  You know, because kitty litter boxes and game rooms go so well together, right?? Well, for […]

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Hidey Cat Cubby Crate

I’ve spoken about our sweet cat, Kitty, when we did our first Benefit for Sheltered Animals tour.  He’s the sweetest boy, with the manners of an Emily Post graduate…except when it comes to dinners in our house where fish is involved. Whenever we cook a fish/ seafood combo (we have to do both because Ken […]

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Vintage Canoe Rental Sign Laundry Table

I love my truck!! I got it just so that I could haul furniture and other large things from a curb to my house, whenever I please.   Lately I haven’t been doing too much hauling because we are fully stocked and we’ve GOT to get that basement done.   Speaking of basements and laundry rooms, I […]

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Route 66 Shelf Mini Makeover

I’m not kidding when I say that I like texture, and this Route 66 shelf is a prime example of just how far I will go to add texture to…well, just about anything! I originally bought this shelf at a yard sale for $3.00 about 10 years ago. It was old, beat up and painted […]

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Some of my Favorites for Getting Creative at Home

I don’t travel nearly as much as I would like to, and I certainly didn’t get to make it down to the Haven Bloggers Conference last weekend, much to my demise.  So a group of us bloggers, 24 to be exact (list here)  lead fearfully by Julie at Lilacs and Longhorns decided to pull together […]

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Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

With the Haven conference going on right now in Atlanta, many of us in the blogging world didn’t make it down.   So, turning lemons into lemonade, a group of us bloggers have put our “genius” efforts together to offer you Getting Creative at Home, a tour of twenty-four blogs.  You will find some newer […]

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Sears and Roebuck Vintage Buffet – Labor of Brotherly Love

Two years in the making, this vintage 1940’s Sears and Roebuck Buffet is finally completed, and has been delivered to its rightful owners, my sister-in-law and brother!!!  In addition, I did some research and found the original Sears and Roebuck catalog page listing of catalog #2349-Buffet.  Did you know that has partnered together with […]

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Hail to West Cork Ireland – Nail Head Foot Stool

This nail head foot stool is the first entry of “Project Bachelor Pad,” which will be ongoing as I help my son bring together furniture and mementos from our home and family.  He’ll soon be finishing up grad school and may be employed far away from home, but I’m not about to let him forget […]

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salvaged wood desk with faux leather top and bubble wrap plaster texture

Salvaged Wood Desk with Faux Leather Top and Bubble Wrap Plaster Texture

I have been going on for a while about a wood desk that I have been working on, and believe it or not, I wasn’t making it up. It’s finally DONE!!   It needed lots of TLC, but doesn’t everybody?  So with a touch of bubble wrap plaster texture on the drawer fronts, a new chalk […]

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How to Apply Plaster Texture to Drawer Fronts with Joint Compound

I have been working on a small desk that I swiped off my best friend’s  neighbor’s curb several years ago.  Yes, it’s been sitting in my house that long… waiting.  Good news, though is that  I’ve finally started on it, and part of the process is adding plaster texture, actually joint compound, to the drawer […]

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Backgammon Decoupaged Nesting Tables

  Nesting tables are great space savers.  You can store the smaller pieces under the larger piece when not in use and pull the smaller pieces out when you need to use them.  I picked up this set of nesting tables for a great deal.  It was missing the top inserts, but with a little […]

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