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DIY upcycled lanterns as solar lights - stowandtellu

DIY Upcycled Lantern Solar Lights

Have you been embracing the world of solar lighting? It sure has come a long way with everything from solar string lights to hanging outdoor porch lighting. I keep leaning toward solar because a) there’s no wiring required. That keeps it simple. B) There’s no flame from a candle or oil lamp. That keeps it […]

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7 DIY Faux Punched Tin Lantern Ideas - StowandTellU

7 Faux Punched Tin Lantern Ideas

Every porch or patio needs at least one punched tin lantern!! I read that blurb in one of the design magazines while at the dentist office a few months ago. I have been a little obsessed about it ever since. The real-deal punch tin lamps are a little pricey and harder to come by.  Here […]

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Miniature Tealight House to Mock Punch Tin Lantern

Lanterns of any kind seem to be a big trend this season. I had two black metal tea light houses in my thrifted miniature house collection.  One was upcycled as a bird house planter, which turned out to be a nice gift for Mother’s Day.  I decided to try my hand at turning this one into […]

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Create a patriotic, outdoor, nighttime ambiance by turning old lamps and stained lamp shades into solar powered table lamps -

DIY Patriotic Solar Table Lamps

There is always an onslaught of lamps and lamp shades at the thrift store.  I can never seem to “not” look, just to see if anything catches my eye.  I love that lamps are useful.  They light our way.  That’s why I hate to see the jumble of lamp shades and light fixtures, slightly abused, […]

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Weathered Old Newspaper Lamp Shade

I usually keep a stack of old newspaper around because it always comes in handy for wrapping items for storage or shipping, and it works well as a small drop cloth for craft projects.   Back in the day (as in before the internet) I kept news paper around for other reasons, as in the […]

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Left Over Primer Painted Table Lamp Makeover

We’ve got a wholotta primer paint left over from our painted vinyl basement floor job, and I plan to use as much of it as I can.  I’ve already used some of it up on the grain sack fishing cabinet, but there was plenty left, even after that (as in half a 5 gallon bucket), […]

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Coastal Inspired DIY Twig Lamp Shade

Have you ever just started getting rid of anything and everything because you just can’t take the clutter anymore?!  Once upon a time I had really wanted and consequently received a particular shell lamp for my birthday.  During one of my de-cluttering binges, I almost put it in the donate pile.  I’m so glad I […]

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Decoupaged Camping Lamp

I picked up one of those battery powered plastic camping lamps at a yard sale for $3.  It didn’t come with the 6 volt battery, but we happened to have one of those at home in our battery stash.  Not sure if either the battery or the camping lamp would actually work, I put the […]

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Chicken Wire Wrapped Lamp Shade

Although I have already made a chicken wire lamp shade and a yarn wrapped lamp, I have yet to make a chicken wire wrapped lamp shade…until now!  When I saw the DIY mason jar lamp (with chicken wire wrapped lamp shade) that Adrianne made over at Happy Hour Projects, I knew that I haaaad to […]

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DIY Yarn Wrapped Lamp

I like to call springtime fuzzy sweater weather.  It’s finally warm enough in Chicago to loose the parka, but it’s not quite warm enough to go without some kind of cover.  I found this collection of yarn called Hometown USA from Lion Brand.  It has bits and strands of color variation (called roving) running through […]

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Grapevine Wire Lamp Revamp

I came upon some grapevine wire in the store a short while back and knew right off that I was going to have to wrap it around a lampshade to see what kind of texture possibilities I could come up with.  The grapevine wire reminded me of the twigs from my twig trivet, but with […]

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How to make a Faux Cowhide lamp shade -

DIY Faux Cowhide Lamp Shade

While hauling stuff out of the basement for the remodel, I came across a torchiere lamp.  I’ve made four piles while de-cluttering: salvage, sell, donate and toss.  This particular lamp is in good working condition, but it has water stains on the lamp shade, which qualifies it as not worth trying to sell, a little […]

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DIY Ruffle Trimmed Lamp Shades-StowandTellU

DIY Ruffle Trimmed and Glam Lamp Shades

I found the funkiest pair of black and white textured lamps, while antique shopping down in Kentucky last spring.  Spotted from across the room, these lamps were partially hidden from full view on the shelf.  They were crystal clear on my texture radar; however, and complete with ruffle trimmed lamp shades no less. Ruffled trimmed […]

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DIY Chicken Wire Lamp Shade

How’s about another diy lamp shade project?  This one is made from chicken wire and a salvaged lamp shade frame. You may have already seen my hat box lamp shade or my tin bucket lamp shade.   Well,  making one with chicken wire is just one more way to change it up in the lighting department!  […]

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StowandTellU - tin bucket lamp shade

Tin Bucket Golf Lamp Shade

You know those buckets that you get at the driving range, filled to the brim with golf balls that you can drive, slice, and even putt away at without ever having to get the golf ball into the hole?  Those buckets are often plastic these days, but once upon a time they were tin or […]

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