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Mini faux seedlings from upcycled Christmas pine tree decor |

Mini Faux Saplings from Upcycled Christmas Decor

Last Christmas I came upon a barrel of mini saplings at a local store. I wanted buy them all and give one to every person I know because they were do darn cute!! I didn’t buy any, however, because in our neck of the woods, the standard lot size does not accommodate planting a pine […]

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DIY Moss Christmas Tree Ornament | StownadTellU

DIY Moss Christmas Tree Ornaments

Do you like making your own ornaments? I usually try to do one handmade ornament per year.  One of my favorites was the rustic twig Christmas tree, so this year I decided to try a variation. Instead of twigs, I went with moss, but kept the card board base because left over cereal boxes are […]

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How to turn a lamp shade into a gift basket. Upcycled lamp shade gift basket from Stow and TellU

Upcycled Lamp Shade Gift Basket

I’m so glad I didn’t toss out an old tartan fabric lamp shade when we were moving because, as it turns out, I was invited to join the Junk Revision monthly group challenge.  Also called the Junk Visionaries group challenge. December junk revision challenge:  Unexpected items as gift wrap This group was started by Lucy […]

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Make rustic holiday luminaries with twigs, clear plastic cups and flameless candles from Stow and Tell U

Twig Christmas Tree Luminaries

It’s that Christmas project time of the year again, and because I made twig ornaments 2 years ago and we made a stacked log Christmas tree last year, I thought I’d challenge myself with yet another rustic project with the gifts from mother nature this holiday season. But I have a little riddle for you […]

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Tuna Can Christmas tree using flickering flameless tealights. Great for small space living, a bachelor pad, minimalist or industrial Christmas decor from Stow and Tell U

Lighted Tuna Can Christmas Tree

You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna Christmas tree! Okay that was cheesy, right?  But that’s the saying that kept coming to mind as I was making this lighted tuna can Christmas tree. By the way, who remembers the name of the band that had a similar album title back in the 80’s? […]

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Stacked Log Christmas Tree

We finally put our Christmas tree up this weekend. Better late than never, don’t they always say. Anyway, I we decided to forgo our traditional fake Christmas tree for one that required a bit more assembly, but in the long run, or should I say log run, adds a whole new look to our Christmas decor. […]

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11+ Ways to Make Your Own Faux Snow

The other day, I showed you how I bottled up some faux snow into snow in a jar ornaments, and that post included an easy faux snow recipe, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg on faux snow…wah, wah, wahhh! Here are some killer chiller ways to make safe, non-toxic faux snow this […]

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Keepsake (Faux) Snow in a Jar Ornament

At the first signs of a snowfall, when the snow is so fluffy and powdery, haven’t you ever just wanted to scoop some up and take it inside for keeps? You know, put it in a jar and look at it later…after all the snow outside has gotten dirty and dingy…partially melted down… only to […]

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Chicken wire Trio of Christmas trees -

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree-O

Some how, we never got around to putting up our Christmas tree this year. Perhaps it’s the ongoing kitchen update and basement remodel but I wanted to add a few Christmassy touches to the place. You may have seen the faux snow soup can centerpiece, but I still wanted something that I could add lights […]

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Snow Covered Texture and a Soup Can Centerpiece

It’s snowing here… right now as a matter of fact.  I look outside and everything is covered in white and glisten.  I’m not going to break into song, I promise, but I really wanted to capture that snow covered look and bring it inside where it’s much warmer.  So I mixed and measured and with […]

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Keepsake Memorial or Memory Ornament - StowandTellU

She Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way Keepsake Memorial Ornament

We finished the twig ornament project over this past weekend.  Our group was comprised of two guys breaking sticks, two girls with hot glue guns and several comedians to keep us in stitches while we worked on the ornaments.  Three hours later, we had a count of twenty plus ornaments and sore fingers from breaking […]

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Rustic twig and cardboard Christmas tree ornaments - StowandTellU

Rustic Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

We have a big Christmas get-together each year and as a tradition, we make homemade ornaments for everyone.  There’s almost forty of us,  and it’s never on Christmas day.  There is just too many of us.  We ALWAYS try to make these ornaments on the cheap, and I’m usually the one who has to come […]

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Linking up to Christmas in July

Like I’ve been saying, July is smack dab in the middle of summer.  Just about the time you want to start thinking about Christmas, right?  Come on, you know you do… just a little peek at some Christmas craftiness…?  Trust me, it won’t spoil the rest of your summer.  I’ll  be sharing a my Elf […]

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Ideas on how to decorate a Christmas mantle using your own decor items

How to Decorate a Christmas Mantle with Items in You Already Have in Your Home

I love decorating for Christmas because in my opinion, you can break all the normal decorating rules!!  Having said that, if you are looking to get some basics on how to decorate a Christmas mantle, I have some ideas to get you started, by combining your everyday décor with your Christmas décor. I will use […]

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Quick and affordable decorating ideas for Christmas

Quick and Affordable Decorating for Christmas

Here are some quick and affordable decorating ideas for Christmas.  The only expense is a few rolls of wrapping paper, some ribbon and tape.  I find that some of the best holiday colors and designs are hiding right on a roll of gift wrap, and if used correctly, it can really make a room pop […]

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