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DIY Decoupaged Coffee Sack Furniture Cabinet

Small spaces often require dual purpose furniture, so while we wanted a piece of furniture with a cozy, game room feel to place next to Ken’s pinball and slot machines, we also wanted to hide the kitty litter box.  You know, because kitty litter boxes and game rooms go so well together, right?? Well, for […]

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Hidey Cat Cubby Crate

I’ve spoken about our sweet cat, Kitty, when we did our first Benefit for Sheltered Animals tour.  He’s the sweetest boy, with the manners of an Emily Post graduate…except when it comes to dinners in our house where fish is involved. Whenever we cook a fish/ seafood combo (we have to do both because Ken […]

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How to Stabilize Adjustable Wall Shelves

Single rail adjustable shelving is one of the cheapest options for shelving out on the market.  But if you’ve ever used single rail shelves you may have been less than impressed by the less than sturdy nature of the shelves once placed on top of the brackets.   We’ve had a module of this shelving […]

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Chalkboard Painted Baskets

Now that the basement has been officially painted from floor to ceiling, and my son has made his way safely to Dubai;  Ken and I have been trying to make some sense as to how we want to put the basement back together.  You know the dilemma.  What stays? What else needs to go? Where […]

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Chalkboard Painted DIY Gift Box {LOL}

Did you ever notice how many birthdays there are in July?  According to, July is the 4th most popular month for birthdays in recent times (in the U.S.) with September, August and June being the front runners.  That’s a lot of  summertime birthdays with a lot of potential gift giving, gift wrapping and perhaps […]

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LOL Stenciled Storage Box

I have a small townhouse and yet, a lot of craft supplies and other random belongings that I would like to keep under wraps, but handy at the same time.  Thus, I am trying to unify and prettify the look of my storage so it will hide my clutter while becoming one with the room….Good […]

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LOL Grain Sack Storage Box

A cheap card board storage box, painted with a grain sack looking stripe is the first of my  LOL (Labor of Love) storage box series.  Of course these days we all know what LOL usually means… and that is probably what most of you are doing… at me… right about now, for actually holding a […]

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Blue Jean Hanging Travel Organizer

If you have ever used one of those over-the-door hanging shoe organizers, then you already know how handy they can be to keep your shoes organized.  Elena from ‘A Casarella suggested in her travel tips, that you bring one with when you travel. Isn’t that a clever idea? You hang it over the door in […]

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Paint Dipped Plant Tins. Free with a Can of Soup!

These paint dipped soup cans were originally shared over at Inspiration Cafe.  In case you missed it, I’m showing them off one more time because I’m guilty as charged… I like making soup and tin can projects…as in most recently with soup can centerpiece for the holidays and last spring with a tin can pin […]

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Turn a Gift Box into a Storage Box

If you haven’t thrown out all those gift boxes yet, you might want to see this before you do. It’s a simple tutorial on how to transform a standard shirt sized gift box into a storage box, or two for that matter. Sure, best practice when trying to stay clutter-free is to get all those […]

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Dish Pan Dependant

Are you one of the lucky ones, who has a dishwasher? Not me… No matter how much I update this townhouse kitchen, it will probably never have a dishwasher… and forever be dependent on a dish pan, or two. It does have central air conditioning, though. That I could not live without.   But as […]

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Souvenir and Boutique Bag Shoe Box StorageBox Storage-StowandTellU

Souvenir Bag Shoe Box Storage

My son went to Nashville and all he got me was a coffee mug!! Sure, I love my coffee, so the mug does come in handy, thank you.  But, in all honesty, I actually got a little more attached to the fancy bags he brought the souvenirs home in. Not the plastic kind, but the […]

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How to make a Plastic Soda Bottle Puggy Bank-StowandTellU

Plastic Soda Bottle Puggy Bank

I wish I had a pet pig or a pet pug.  They’re both so cute,  and I’ve heard they both make great pets.  Nevertheless, I have neither, although I do have a cat…but this post is about making a puggy bank.  No, you didn’t hear it wrong.  I said puggy, not piggy.  Using the bottom […]

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How to make a Faux leather-Raw Hide-Storage Box with lid-StowandTellU

Raw Hide Faux Leather Storage Box with Lid

I’m all about the this faux leather, raw hide texture made with tissue paper and decoupage. I’ve just finished another group of lidded storage boxes for my linen closet update and I’m thinkin’ that they are lookin’ pretty worn and weathered… like raw hide! And to think anyone can get this textured look with decoupage, […]

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sun bleach and weather stained over the sink window shelf -

Sun Bleached and Weather Stained Over-the-Sink Window Shelf

I love the look of sun bleached and weathered wood.   It makes me feel like I’m at the beach!   In kitchen update 5  I was showing off an over-the-sink window shelf made out of pallet wood that was almost done, except for the final coats of stain. Well, here is kitchen update 6.  The […]

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