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What Paint Color is Trending for You? {and a $25.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway}

Hi friends. How is it going? Let’s talk paint colors. What is trending for you? Or do you keep it simple and stay away from the trends? I have seen sooo many different styles lately my head is spinning. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love what I’m seeing. Newest of all is the bold, […]

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Wondering How Groupon Coupons Work?

Have you been wondering how Groupon Coupons works, or have you even heard of it? I was aware that Groupon offered discounts on activities, events and dining. But until recently I wasn’t aware that it was such a great source for finding discounts from online and retails stores, as well.   How do Groupon Coupons […]

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Last Saturday Morning

Last Saturday morning I saw a butterfly in my yard. Last Saturday morning my son finished the last of his packing and prepared to leave for Pennsylvania by noon. Last Saturday morning my best friend Laura called in tears.  Her 31 year old son, David, had a seizure earlier that morning.  His heart stopped.  The […]

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Close Call at the Old Yellow Newspaper Farmhouse {and a Giveaway}

It was August 1981.  We were up in Wisconsin for our annual week long vacation at The Golden Horse Ranch.  My father unwittingly let my sister, Marya, borrow the car.  So off we went to cruise the open roads of Westfield, Wisconsin.  The “we” being Marya and myself, along with Robin, Mike and Bob, my sister’s […]

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For the Love of Travel, Inspiration and Getting Crafty

One of the things I like about traveling is the inspirations I find along the way that I get to take home with me to remember the experience.  Turning those memories into crafty projects or furniture is one of my loves and dreams for this blog…which I’m still working on…   Book Release: Around the USA […]

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Good News Bad News and a Trip to New England

Have you ever had someone say, “Pack your bags, because you are going to…”?  Well, that happened to me just a few weeks ago, when my son called to tell me he wants to fly me out to Boston to meet up with him and take a road trip through New England.  We’re hoping we’ll […]

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Thrift Shopping for Sheltered Animals

Do you ever feel like you want to save the world from all the bad things that are happening on our planet?   I know. Not possible, but even small actions make a difference, so when Jeannette from Country Design Style announced that she was heading up the 2nd Annual Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals […]

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50 Questions Day and a Beaded Spider

Have I ever told you I have a fear of spiders?  Well it’s 50 Questions Day, here on the blog and a fear of spiders is just one of the topics I will cover.  I’ve never done a question and answer post before, but when Karen from The Feral Turtle tagged me in her 50 […]

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Reduce, Reuse, ReTree?

This past weekend, we worked a little on the basement, but we actually had to break away because we had a baby shower to go to.  And when I say “we”, yes, I mean Ken and I because this baby shower was for guys and girls!  Some of the guys refused to go, but the […]

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How Sweet it is $500 Cash Giveaway {And a Few Random Tips}

We have a $500.00 cash giveaway (open worldwide) starting today!!  I also happen to have a few random tips to share. Unfortunately, those tips have nothing to do with how to win $500 in cash, but I have found that sometimes the best tips, random or otherwise, come from a friend or someone you know. […]

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Blogland Tour at Stow & Tell U

If you have a hobby or passion, you tend to want to get to know others that have that same hobby or passion, right?  Often you join clubs together, get to know each other, ” networking”, if you will. Well the Blogland tour is a network of bloggers sharing other blogs, and so on. Cori […]

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Let’s Get the Fall Rolling Paint and Gift Card Giveaway

Let’s do a giveaway!!  Fall is just around the corner for many of  us, so I partnered up with a bunch of crafty bloggers to get it rolling with a giveaway! We are going to top if off with a Pinterest Party on August 22nd and 23rd, and we would love you to join in.  […]

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horse galloping

Charity Gallops to the finish line with Mary Kay Winner

Our favorite makeover girl/ horse, Charity has galloped to the finish line and picked a winner for the Mary Kay pedicure set giveaway.  Say what??  Oops, I’m getting confused, what with the Kentucky Derby going on this weekend, so let me rephrase. We have a winner for the pedicure set giveaway and her name is […]

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MK Makeover and a Lemon Parfait Pedicure Set Giveaway

When someone gives me the opportunity to pamper myself, well, let’s just say I won’t go running in the opposite direction.  So when I was invited to a Mary Kay event last month in celebration of International Women’s Day, I said “I’m in”!!  It was just before my trip to Nashville and goodness knows I’d […]

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Nashville Groovin’ and a $500 Cash Giveaway

I’m officially back from Nashville this week, although I’ve been home for over a week now, unofficially.  Getting back into the routine they call “life” is not as easy as they say it is.  Whomever “they” is must not have taken very many vacations.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that, but we had […]

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