DIY Gift Holder

Make your own gift holder for the holidays.  This cute and easy to make  gift envelope can be used to hold anything small you can think of that you want to package creatively. I filled mine with seeds from my garden, but you could fill it with jewelry, gift cards, movie tickets or even cash.  You can make two holders using just one piece of scrapbook  paper, a little glue and some tape.





To make the gift holder you will need:

– A gift ( I used seed pods from my garden)

– Scrapbook  paper

– Clear tape

– Glue stick (optional)

– Printed labels or gift labels


  1. Fold a piece of scrapbook paper in half to form a triangle.
  2. Cut the triangle down the middle to form two triangles.
  3. Fold triangle in half again,  from end to end again to form a smaller triangle.




4. Open up the folded triangle and fold one of the corners in to the center along the open ended side of the triangle.  Apply a piece of tape to hold the end down.








5. Fold the already folded flap back onto the unfolded side of the triangle.  Apply tape to hold it down.

6. Open the triangle up like a cone.  Apply more tape along the creases to hold the flap in place.




7.Push cone together to form an envelope with a flap.

8. Fill cone with your gift.  Include tissue paper to give it a little cushion.





9. Apply glue stick to flap ( or just use tape).  Fold flap over to seal like an envelope.  Hold flap down for about 10-20 seconds to make sure glue the flap stays glued.  If you are using it for a gift card you will need a little extra room, so you may just want to use tape.

10.Apply a gift label to the front of the packet.

Tip:  I also used a rotary paper cutter with a deckle blade to cut the scrapbook paper and labels.


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