DIY Storage Beer Box with Lid

This storage beer box with lid might be deceiving.  It’s a box with a lid, sure.  It looks like it holds beer, because once upon a time it did, as you can see from the labeling.  However, now it’s being used for storage of other household items, in this case disguising a DVD collection.  Use it in a man cave, a rec room or on an open shelf in your garage for clever storage concealment.

Move on over Cocoa Cola:

I’m not a big drinker, yet I couldn’t help but realize the marketing effort on liquor products these days and how they deserve their own showcase.  I will state fact here that this idea was born from my friend Mel @ Mellywood’s Mansion.  She used liquor store card board boxes to make faux beadboard storage for her craft room.  It’s a super cool project!!  She also added a faux beadboard wall to her craft room.  They’re both simply delightful, as Mel would say!  Please click on over and check them out!!


This storage project is awfully easy to make, if you can get your hands one or a few of these beer or liquor store boxes all you need to do is make your own lids.


Beer or liquor box

Larger cardboard box for the lid

Box cutter

Ruler or straight edge

Craft paint in several colors

Craft paint glaze medium

Paint brush

Mod Podge (or any decoupage medium)

Faux graining tool (I used a combing tool)

Hot glue gun

 fold-flaps-in-and-hot-glueHow to Make the Beer Box Bottom:

This is simple!! Add hot glue to the underside of the flaps and fold them down onto the inside of the box.

Tip for the beer box bottom: To give the box extra durability and protection, you can give the box a coat or two of Mod Podge.


How to make handles for the box:

If the box already has a pre-cut handle, you can trim the inside flap piece out with a serrated knife.

If the box does not have a functional pre-cut handle, you can make your own by clicking here and following the directions from the faux wood grain box on how to make handles with twine or rope.

Storage Beer Box with Lid-faux-grain-painted-lid

How to Make the Beer Box Lid:

You will need a card board box with sides that are larger than the opening of the beer box.  Click here  for more details on how to make the card board storage box lid.

Note: These lids were made with squared off corners, rather than angled (like the lidded storage box example) and were adhered together with a hot glue gun.


Painting the Storage Box Lid

Once you have made your storage box lid, mix up some craft paint in the color of your choice and then add about 1/3 Mod Podge to the paint mixture.  Give the box lid one or two coats of the paint/ Mod Podge mixture and let dry.  Adding the Mod Podge into the mix with give the box lid added strength, and sealant.

Tip:  Once your bottom coat has dried, you can apply an additional coat of craft paint only (without the Mod Podge.)  This should help the surface consistency when applying the faux top coat.

For the top coat, mix up craft paint and glaze medium and apply over the bottom coat, run the combing tool over the glaze, and then soften with a paint brush or softening brush.  I had to apply several coats with a few colors in order to achieve a weathered sort of look.



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Let’s state another fact:

These are neither fancy nor schmancy!! After all, it’s only card board.

But whether stacked in the corner, on a shelf in a man cave, or in your garage, these boxes make for cheap and sinful storage of common house hold clutter!!

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8 Responses to DIY Storage Beer Box with Lid

  1. Mel June 12, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    A delight for sure! Thanks for the shout out, your beer boxes are way more net testing than ours

  2. Shanna Gilbert June 12, 2013 at 9:38 am #

    Such a cute idea Amy!

  3. Bliss June 12, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    You’ve read the email joke recipe about cooking with alcohol….. mix the whatever, take a drink, melt the butter, take a drink, etc.? Well I’m thinking I want some cool beer boxes and that could be my post…. paint the lid, drink a bottle… add the rope, drink a bottle.


  4. Anne@DesignDreams June 12, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    They’re so handy aren’t they? I’ve used wrapping paper to cover some that I used in my den. It dressed them up just enough to appease my OCD tendencies. LOL

    Have a great night xox

  5. Danni@SiloHillFarm June 17, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    Here’s what I see….Kona Longboard Beer!! Yummmmm! Seriously though…I do have access to an endless supply of beer boxes and now….I know just what to do with the cool ones! Thanks girl!


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