How’s That Plastic Spray Paint Holding Up?

A few months ago I updated some plastic lawn chairs with plastic spray paint.  I had several people ask me if the plastic spray paint actually worked.  And if I would give an update.  So here it is.

In addition, I’ve used this paint on some other projects and I can tell you that for the most part, this paint actually works quite well.  

Spray painted plastic laundry sink

Tips for using plastic spray paint to make it work -

One of the first projects I did was this plastic laundry tub.  Although I did clean it, I didn’t scrub it down with a scouring pad, and I don’t think I used the soapy mixture that I used on the chairs, either.

I have seen a few nicks or chips in the paint, but over all, the paint has stayed adhered to the tub.

See best practice for cleaning the plastic, further below.

Spray painted plastic lawn chairs

Does plastic spray paint work - key to success -

After spray painting these plastic chairs, they have been through several rain storms and the humid summer heat.  The plastic paint coating still looks like a second skin on these chairs.  I haven’t found any chipping or blistering, thus far.  I would say above all, it was the elbow grease in preparation that has left them with such a nice finish.

Spray painted plastic tiki torches

How well does plastic spray paint work?

I have two plastic-coated, metal tiki torches that were originally purple, as show above.

I spray painted these at the same time that I painted the lawn chairs, and with the same paint. The torches have survived rain, humidity and the heat from the flames. Looking at them, you’d never guess they were once purple.

The new coat of paint currently has no sign of wear, whatsoever.

My two cents on getting the best outcome from plastic spray paint:

The type of paint and the preparation before painting are what I would attribute to getting the best outcome from using spray paint for plastic.

What type of paint did I use?

For all of the projects, I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x Paint.

The label says it works on wood, metal, plastic and more. It also reads “for Indoor/Outdoor use”.

There may be other brands that work just as well.  I can’t say because I haven’t tried them, but most important factor would be to make sure the label says “WORKS ON PLASTIC!”

In addition, it seems like every year or so, they improve the formulas. So if you may have tried using plastic paint several years ago and didn’t get the best of results, you may have better luck with a newer blend.

scouring pads

What steps did I take in preparation to paint?

What I have found to be the best practice after spray painting several plastic pieces is good preparation.

Step one, wash the piece down with a hot soapy mix of water, Dawn soap and vinegar.

Step two, give the pieces a really good scrubbing with a scouring pad. Rinse well.

Step three, let pieces dry completely before painting.

You know how when you use sand paper on wood, you get better paint or stain coverage?  The scouring pad works the same way on the plastic, in my opinion.

The soapy mixture degreases all the oils from finger prints and goodness knows what else;)

Let’s face it plastic furniture and other household plastic pieces do not last forever.  Plastic is also on the cheap end of the decor spectrum, wah-wah.  But when you’re working with a low budget, and plastic is what you’ve got, you can make it more interesting with paint.

Just make sure you give it a REALLY good scrub and use the RIGHT kind of paint.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Amy

Have questions?  Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

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3 Responses to How’s That Plastic Spray Paint Holding Up?

  1. Goldie Barret July 21, 2016 at 7:23 pm #

    Thank You, Amy!
    I was one of the doubting Thomas’s but you’ve made a believer out of me!
    I hope you and yours are having a fantastic summer!

    Love & Blessings,

    Goldie Barrett

    • Amy July 23, 2016 at 8:13 pm #

      You are welcome, Goldie, and just remember to scruba-dub-dub with that scouring pad, lol. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer, too!


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