Dune Buggy Memories from Silver Lake Sand Dunes


I’ve been going through a pile of old photos, and I came across a few from a family vacation in western Michigan, circa 1974.  I remember having great fun on that trip, but my favorite memory of all was the day we spent at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area is located in western Michigan’s Oceana County.  It is one of the many Lake Michigan beach towns filled with loads of fun and adventure.  Silver Lake Sand Dunes is tucked between the shores of Lake Michigan and Silver Lake and offers three main slices of sand dunes adventure along with a variety of other local attractions.

The northern section is an off-road vehicle park, listed in the brochure as, “the only dunes East of Utah where you are allowed to drive a private motorized vehicle from April 1st through October 31st.”

The central section is for swimming and hiking on the dunes and beaches of both Lake Michigan and Silver Lake.

The southern slice is designated to Mac Woods Dune Rides where anyone can take a safe and scenic, chauffeured dune ride.

Dune buggy memories


 As I remember it, we arrived at quite early that day and brought a picnic lunch.

Even back in ’74, my mom was cautious about the dangers of the sun…

she has the hat to prove it.


During our visit, we got to swim at the beach and run ourselves tired frolicking up and down the dunes.


Although I didn’t realize it back then, I’ve since come to understand what a natural treasure the Great Lakes and these dunes are right here in the Midwest.


The highlight of the day, of course, was the dune buggy ride.


That’s my dad hanging out by the bug’….

I’m sure he didn’t plan it but his blue socks really compliment that shade of orange on the buggy…

In my nine year old mind, there was something utterly thrilling about this day and finding these pictures was definitely a treat.

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