From Black to White Ombre Dot Glass Canister Set

Give a plain glass canister set a make over with an easy hand painted ombre dot finish.  The ombre technique is basically a gradation of shades or colors.  I painted this glass canister set with a masculine touch of black and white as my second undertaking in project bachelor pad, which is an ongoing collection of household necessities for my son, a recent college graduate.



Ombre dot glass canister set


My son is an avid fisherman, who is typically quite content to fish the local lakes and rivers.  Here is one of his most recent catches down at Kentucky Lake.  These lucky fish were all thrown back in the lake, too small yet, for a good sized meal. But last year his best friend got married down in Cancun and the guys had a chance to go deep sea fishing.

Barracuda catch of the day Cobia

Their catch was a little bigger at fifteen or so Barracuda.  This impressive shot taken by my son was the inspiration for the ombre dot glass canister set!


Hobby Lobby offered up the balance of my inspiration with one of their project pamphlets showing pretty colored ombre dot glass canisters.  This project is pretty easy to do, here is the supply list:


Supplies for Ombre on Glass Canisters:

Glass jars or canisters

Enamel paint OR Martha Stuart Multi-Purpose craft paint

I used the MS Wedding White, Metallic Gun Metal, and black for this project

Several small round sponge paint brush OR* DIY Round Sponge Brush (see below)

Supplies for the Removable String Band Wrap


Quick Dry glue or plain white glue

Velcro dots



*DIY Round Sponge Brush

You can make your own small round sponge brush with a cosmetic wedge, pencil, scissors and rubber band.  Cut off the thinner half of the cosmetic sponge, fold it around the eraser part of a pencil and then wrap a rubber band around it tightly to keep in place.

Paint Ombre Dots onto Glass Canisters

Using one of the round sponge brushes, start at the bottom of the canister and pounce your brush with the first color, go up about ¼ of the way, all the way around the jar and then go up in just a few spots to 1/3rd of the way.

For the second color (use a clean, round sponge brush- optional,) fill in the remaining areas not covered by the first color and then take the second color up the middle 1/3rd of the canister going all the way around, but repeat the process of blending in the second color to the third color.

For the third color (use a clean sponge brush – optional), once again, fill in the areas not covered by the second color, and then add the third color the rest of the way up the canister and all the way around.  Let paint dry completely.


Paint Glass Lids

Using a standard sponge brush, apply two coats of paint to the glass lids, let each coat dry.


Make a Removable String Band Wrap

Measure a strand of string around the top of the canister making sure you have a good extra six to ten inches of length.  Run string back and forth along the first strand until you have created a band of string thick enough for your liking.  Trim a little off both ends of the band and tie a big knot a few inches in off one end of the band.  Wrap your strand around the canister top and find the spot to tie the second knot on the other end.

NOTE: Place knots so that they are about an inch apart and overlapping in the back.



Adhere Velcro dots one at a time of each knot, and then attach to dot to the band.


Pull the Velcro dots apart and cut off the excess string and then apply glue to the cut ends of the string.  Once the glue has dried you can re-attach the band to the jar with the Velcro dots.

ombre-dot-glass-canister-set-with-rustic-label-StowandTellUAdd Labels – Optional

Tie some labels to the removable string band with another strand of string and you are done.  If you happen to like these DIY Soda Can Metal stamped labels then click here and see how easy they are to make.


I had collected several of these plain glass canisters, one by one.  As you can see they don’t even match, and in case you didn’t notice, one of them is a fish bowl…long story… but with this easy ombre dot paint technique, I think they would liven up any kitchen counter top, even that of a bachelor!!

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9 Responses to From Black to White Ombre Dot Glass Canister Set

  1. Anne@DesignDreams May 20, 2013 at 9:00 am #

    What a cute idea! Great job!

  2. Shanna Gilbert May 20, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    So cute Amy! Great job!

  3. Mel May 20, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

    Fab Amy and now they look like a matching set. Perfect for the bachelor pad!

  4. Jen @ Girl in the Garage May 20, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Amy, I love how these came out! They would work well in a bachelor pad but I’d also call them “glamorous” for the ladies out there. 🙂 Pinned!

  5. Danni@SiloHillFarm May 21, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    Amy those are awesome! I love that they were inspired by your sons fish pic! WAy to go! I do love those pamphlets from Hobby Lobby and grab new ones every time I’m there!


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