Gearing up for the Warmer Weather Table Decor

My mom always used to say, that April comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  I’m hoping that lion has gone back in his den until next year!!  We’ve had rather pleasant temperatures this weekend, so, gearing up for the warmer weather was finally in order.  Having taken a short road trip to Kentucky last weekend, there were plenty of chores to catch-up with, but even some of those were put on hold, so that we could get out in the yard and enjoy the nice weather.


We did manage to get plenty done.  Meanwhile I managed to challenge myself to some makeshift outdoor table décor…just to welcome in the warm weather!!


We Ken started off the weekend by straightening the patio bricks, adding more patio sand, laying down mulch, sanding down the picnic table…then we he was off to grab some firewood from our townhouse community tree trimming debris pile.

Finally he was on to cutting all the trees limbs into firewood

I stood by and took pictures.


It’s not like he’d let me help anyway.  He has a very succinct and methodical way of creating a firewood pile.  If you don’t meet his standards, you cannot participate!


I found my way to the less than “Grade A” firewood pile.  Rejects, if you will?

It was there that I found the most interesting piece of wood (in that pile, anyway!!)   Thus, became the inspiration for the makeshift outdoor table décor.


Of course, even I have standards, and regrettably this less than healthy log was not the chosen piece.


While meandering back thru the yard with my find, I also noticed something green!!

Wheels were turning now…how can I pull this together?


I should be fair, because perhaps I’m building suspense where there really is none.

I did rise to the occasion, however, with a modest, yet makeshift outdoor table top vignette.


conversation-piece-table setting

I mounted the “interesting wood scrap” to a painted piece of pallet wood; emptied and cleaned out some ancient spice jars from my mom; used the plaster-and-bubble-wrap-texture sample board in the center for height; pulled out the green decanter from my think spring-copper and green post; and brought it all together with a Crate and Barrel spouted jug, a wedding gift from a close friend.


For better or worse, it includes some bug protection/ mood lighting, a few refreshments, a bit of greenery and a conversation piece, or two.


What would you do to throw together a bit of table top decor to welcome in the warm weather?

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2 Responses to Gearing up for the Warmer Weather Table Decor

  1. Mel April 10, 2013 at 5:48 am #

    Lovely Amy I hope spring weather stays for you. I have to say that log is interesting in the picture the little blemish looks like a face.


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