Anvil Gray Chalky Finish Spray Painted Dining Chair Set : Living Room Update

I’ve been pretty intrigued by all these chalky finish paints. How about you? What’s a chalky finish? Is it different from chalk paint?  Well, after some research online, I decided to try out the Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint because the description said that it can be used on furniture, with or without any kind of top coat.  Since I usually like to put a top coat of chalk painted furniture, this led me to believe that it might be different.

Not to say that any other brands of chalky finish paint would be the same. But I chose this one because a) I liked the idea that it didn’t require a top coat and b) I found a color that I really thought would work with my design scheme for my living room/ dining nook update.

Having said all that, I’m really happy with how these chairs turned out.


This is a before shot. I purchased 5 used chairs for $30.00. Four of them the exact same style (Label says Elizabeth Chair | Target) and 1 slightly different.   Someone painted them red and yellow.

Anvil Gray Chalky Finish spray painted dining chair set |

And now I’ve painted them Anvil Gray.

First of all, I love the color. What do you think?  Out in the day light it reflects more light.

krylon-anvil-gray-chalky-finish-painted-chairs |

Inside, the chairs will look darker and I’m pretty sure they’re going to pop against the paint colors I’ve chosen for the walls.

spray-painted-dining-chair-set-chalky-finish |

What is the finish like?

Secondly, let’s talk about the finish? The finish is what I’d like to call a hard shell smooth matte. Chalk paint is open, porous, absorbent. Where as this finish is more closed like an egg shell paint.

Does it need a top coat?

Does it need a top coat? I could definitely see using this paint on other furniture pieces that are used less that a set of kitchen dining chairs. But to be safe, I am going to give these chairs a top coat. With what, I’m still deciding.

anvil-gray-chalky-finish |

How much do you need?

I originally purchased 3 cans of the paint for 5 chairs.  I ended up having to buy 2 more cans because while I loved the way this paint came out on the chairs, I could still see through to the under coats in a few places. Ratio 1:1 paint can to chair.

I also recommend this article from Bre at Average But Inspired. She shares some very helpful tips on using chalky finish paint.

chalky-finish-spray-painted-dining-chair-set |


anvil-blue-gray-chalky-finish-painted-dining-chairs |

Once I have the living room with the new dining nook painted, I can take a few pictures with the chairs inside.

I plan on using this paint again because I really like it better than regular spray paint. If I can find the right color, it may be what I used for the base of the new used dining table.

Have a great weekend ~ Amy

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2 Responses to Anvil Gray Chalky Finish Spray Painted Dining Chair Set : Living Room Update

  1. pam May 19, 2017 at 8:53 pm #

    Pretty color and I love the chairs the way they are made. Funny how we all like certain things, I for one don’t care for the feel of chalk paint so I stick with my stain finishes. These turned out really good though.

  2. Mary June 16, 2017 at 4:34 pm #

    Great revuew Amy. I didn’t know there was such a difference between regular chalk paint and this stuff. I thought it had to do with the wording. I love the color and am planning to paint my chairs a charcoal color. Now about that table…

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