Wondering How Groupon Coupons Work?

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Have you been wondering how Groupon Coupons works, or have you even heard of it? I was aware that Groupon offered discounts on activities, events and dining. But until recently I wasn’t aware that it was such a great source for finding discounts from online and retails stores, as well.  

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How do Groupon Coupons actually work?

Call me old fashioned, but I remember the days of Sunday newspaper ads. You cut the coupon out of the paper, put it in your purse, and handed it to the cashier at check out. Done!

Groupon Coupons is kind of like the newfangled Sunday ad section. IMO

First off, Groupon is a hub or gateway that can be accessed either online via desktop or uploaded as an app on your phone or tablet.  There is no membership sign-up fee.

The “coupon” category gives you access to the current sales, specials and promotions from a very large variety of online and retail stores.

The website or app will show the current offering from each store. And then it will lead you through to the specific sale or store’s website that you are interested in. Meaning a lot less web surfing in the long run.

We’ve got a JC Penney nearby, so I know that is one of the stores I’ll be pulling out my Groupon for.

Just to name a few of the other stores:





World Market

Best Buy


How the discount offers work

The discount offers vary from store to store.  Most of the stores provide a daily deal, a time sensitive sale or a promo code.

I did find that different stores offer different sales or promotions at different times.

In other words, not every store on Groupon Coupons has a deal going on 24-7.

What is nice is that the site shows you what is being offered at the current time.

  • There are coupon or promo codes that can be used at online checkout or validated from your phone during retail store checkout.
  • Daily discounts and specials will be listed as such, but are naturally time sensitive.
  • Some discounts are applied automatically at time of online checkout.
  • Other discounts are simply listings of the currently sales offerings from the store.
  • And still other promotions are offered exclusively through email sign-up.
  • Most of the savings can be gained without having to apply or register to a specific store. However, some of the stores offer email sign-up as an option.

The guidelines or details of the sale or promo are provided within each listing. Once I got familiar with the site, I was able to follow the different ways in which the sales were offered.

Looking for a specific deal?

I found that you can search by category, location or store preference. In addition, entering a keyword into the search box at the top makes it very easy to find something specific.

I shop online and at retails stores all the time.  I’ve often seen the promo code box, and always wondered where in the heck everyone found those handy codes.  Now I know at least one place to find them. Groupon Coupons.

If you hang out on Facebook, you can also follow Groupon Coupon, here.

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    I heard about these recently Amy, but had no idea how they worked. Very useful info!

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