Make Vacation Photo Throw Pillows Using Groupon

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What do you do with your vacation photos after a trip? Stow them away in a photo album, box, the cloud or your hard drive? Like I do? Last week I mentioned how hard it was to find post cards these days. So, I made a collage of my own. Just for fun!

As I was perusing through Groupon Goods, I noticed that there was a couple of clever ways to turn my favorite vacation photos into decor accents.

Design your own custom throw pillows using vacation photos - #Groupon Goods, #spons, #ad -

Ya-huh! As in, how about custom photo throw pillows?

You can see an example, shown here on Pinterest.

  • You simply pick a few of your favorite photos.
  • Give them a few tweeks, if you choose, with photo editing app like Instagram or PicMonkey.
  • Go to the Groupon offer.
  • And you can download the photos as your are placing the order.  

Ideas for vacation photo throw pillows

Make your own travel inspired custom photo throw pillows with #Groupon Goods - #ad, #spons -

Here’s a few photos I took on our New England trip. I used a few photo filters to make them look a little more artsy. Wouldn’t pillows like these be cute on wooden bench or a white wicker patio set?

How to use your own vacation photos to make custom photo pillows found on #Groupon - #ad, #spons -

These photos were taken on our recent trip to the Smoky Mountains. These make for kind of a fun play on “sitting” in general.

We all take pictures of what captures our attention, right?

So using your own photos would make it that much more your own style.

I also noticed that Groupon had offers for custom photo canvas art and throw blankets, to name a few.

Using your own photos not only makes your decor more unique, but it also keeps you closer to the memory because you’re looking at it every day. Whether it’s the people you traveled with or the places you went, they are from your own experiences.

I think they tend to mean more that way. Don’t you?

That’s a win, win in my book.

Groupon shares all the current savings and discounts on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

Thanks  so much for stopping by ~ Amy


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