Mini Faux Saplings from Upcycled Christmas Decor

Last Christmas I came upon a barrel of mini saplings at a local store. I wanted buy them all and give one to every person I know because they were do darn cute!! I didn’t buy any, however, because in our neck of the woods, the standard lot size does not accommodate planting a pine tree any old place on your property on the cuteness factor alone.

But the seedling of an idea was formed.  Perhaps I could make some mini faux saplings of my own. I considered buy a bulk amount of fake pine tree branches and that would have worked for this project, too.


But in the end I choose to try and make them with this thrifted Christmas pine decor piece.  I thought the branches had a somewhat realistic look and that was good enough for me.

Mini faux saplings made from an upcycled Christmas wreath -

Mini faux saplings from upcycled Christmas decor

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Pine Christmas wreath or decor – or –  faux pine branches (like these)

Styrofoam balls cut in half (I used 2″ balls that were proportionate to the branches I had)

Burlap or coffee sack fabric cut to rounded squares (Approximately 10″- 12″ diameter per pieces)

Twine or ribbon

Wire cutters

Serrated knife


How to make faux saplings from an upcyled Christmas pine wreath - StowandTellU.,com

Step 1) I used wire cutters to cut the branches off my salvaged Christmas decor piece.

How to make faux saplings or seedlings -

Step 2) The 2″ Styrofoam balls were cut in half using a serrated knife. To do this, I started slicing along the middle fo the ball and continued to turn the ball around until the knife cut all the way through.  None of them were perfect cuts, but they were close enough.

Step 3)  Insert the tip of the seedling branch into the center of the Styrofoam half round.

DIY Faux sapling - seedling tutorial -

Step 4) I cut a rounded square piece of burlap coffee sack fabric, wrapped it up over the Styrofoam piece, and tied if off tightly with twine. Double knotting was my friend on this step.

DIY fake sapling - seedling tutorial -

Step 6) Trim burlap down so it looks proportionate.  Starting with a slightly larger piece of burlap and trimming it down a little was what worked best for me.  After doing a few of these, I was able to cut the rest of my burlap pieces to a size closer to what was ideal.  That way I didn’t have to trim off as much excess on the remainder of the saplings.

Easy to make holiday hostess gift, party favor, group or teen craft idea and more.

DIY mini faux pine tree saplings |

DIY faux sapling - seedling holiday gift idea -

How to make mini faux seedling Christmas gifts |

While I would never argue that real saplings are the end all in pine tree gifting, faux saplings make for a clever substitute.

Mini faux seedlings from upcycled Christmas pine tree decor |

Benefits of going faux? They don’t have to be watered. They don’t have to be planted. You can re-use them next year.

Holiday party favor idea: make faux pine saplings or seedlings -

Festive on a mantel or in a tablescape.

make-rustic-moss-christmas-tree-ornament | stownadtellu

For another easy Christmas craft you might like: Mossy Christmas tree ornaments

Happy weekend ~ Amy

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3 Responses to Mini Faux Saplings from Upcycled Christmas Decor

  1. chris aka monkey December 17, 2016 at 12:06 pm #

    yet another darn cute idea from your noggin merry Christmas xx

  2. Doreen@foxdenrd December 20, 2016 at 9:14 pm #

    Seriously? How cute are these??

    Fabulous hostess gift too Amy :).

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Bliss December 21, 2016 at 7:24 am #

    I could leave the same comment as I did on the last post…. aren’t these just the cutest little things!

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