Start with a Seed Plant Growing Series (part 1): Intro

Would you like to join me for a plant growing challenge? You don’t have to be a fantastic gardener or even a blogger to take part.  You just have to want to start or add to a garden you already have by growing plants from seed. This is going to be a personal challenge for me. With the primary reason being I want to save money by growing my own plants from seed to add to my yard this summer.


There’s a challenge for everything these days, isn’t there?

But after completing the $100 Room Challenge, I can honestly say, there is something a little magic to the challenge concept for getting a project completed.

Mapping out a calendar of objectives. Going one step a time, all with a final goal in mind has proven for a lot more successful results. At least that’s what I have found.

And one of the biggest ways a challenge helps is by being part of a group.  Maybe it’s because you have to answer to others (I won’t hold you to that in this challenge), or maybe it’s because there is more success in numbers. I’m not sure, but once again, it just seems to work.

How would we do this as a group?

My plan is to try and post weekly on the blog and also post weekly on my Facebook page to include everyone’s comments or questions on their progress, if they want to be share, that is.

Do I even know what I’m doing?

When my son was a boy scout, years ago, I organized and ran a seed growing project for them.

So I do have experience with growing my own plants from seed. And I can assure you I am no seed growing expert (and you don’t have to be either), yet the boy scout troop and I had healthy little seedlings to plant into the ground when we were finished.

Having said that, since I’m not an expert, I will be relying on garden resources and garden bloggers from around the web for the best advice.




 Purple Cone Flower and Woodland Poppy.

These photos were taken in my garden at the townhouse. Transplants from my sister’s yard.

So, do you want to be a part of this plant growing challenge?

Although I’d love to hear from you, I promise, you can join in without ever having to tell me if that’s what you prefer. No pressure!!

But to help you decide if this is something you want to take on, I’m going to suggest reading the following posts.

There are several approaches to growing seeds indoors. Using a grow light. Not using a grow light. Using a warming mat, and so on.  I found these three tutorials to be very helpful in letting you know what’s it takes to actually start and grow seeds successfully.

Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors from Garden Therapy on Ebay

How to Sow Seeds Indoors without a Grow Light from A Return to Simplicity

How to Sow Seeds Indoors with a Grow Light from Empress of Dirt.

And if you’d still like more information about growing plants from seed.

Check out my Pinterest Board: Growing Seed DIY

I’m currently putting together a free printable of questions you will need to have answers for to get started. (ie: planting zone, types of plants you’d like to have in your yard, planting location in yard, and so on.)

Some of the post topics (aka: steps we will follow) that will be coming up in this series:

Cheap seeding container ideas

Garden planning and choosing seeds (includes printable).

Where to get seeds.

Budget that you are willing to spend.

When to start planting seeds.

Skipping the indoors and planting right into the ground

Making or buying plant markers.

Taking before and after photos of your planting area.

What to so with extra seeds.

What to do with the extra seedlings.

Collecting seeds at end of season.

There is no sign-up form or anything formal like that.  Just follow along with these posts by signing up to receive  emails (see below), following on my Facebook page, or stopping by once a week to see what’s new.

So, what do you say?  Let’s Do This!

Series List:

#1 Intro

#2 Printable and garden planning

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    I will definitely be watching your garden grow! The pressure is on Amy….

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