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Mini faux seedlings from upcycled Christmas pine tree decor | StowandTellU.com

Mini Faux Saplings from Upcycled Christmas Decor

Last Christmas I came upon a barrel of mini saplings at a local store. I wanted buy them all and give one to every person I know because they were do darn cute!! I didn’t buy any, however, because in our neck of the woods, the standard lot size does not accommodate planting a pine […]

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Winter Cuties wreath and How to make an easy coffee or potato sack bow from StowandTellU.com

Cuties Wreath and Coffee Sack Bow

The last two weeks of January are almost always the coldest of winter and this year is no different.  One of the moments I take delight in is when I spot the abundance of citrus produce at the grocery store. The Cuties happen to be one of my favorites.  They’re pint sized, easy to open, […]

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Pallet Wood Framed Coffee Sack Art

Pallet wood framed coffee sack art! !!! Can I get any more boring with some of these titles for my project posts? ??…I’ll have to work on that…but what other kind of title would you want for what is simply a piece of coffee sack art framed up with pallet wood scraps. It almost seems […]

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No Sew Coffee Sack Pillow with Speed-Sew {Giveaway}

When I was young, I used to talk my mom’s ear off while she sat at her sewing machine sewing away.  She tried to teach me how to sew a few times, but I would have none of that.  Too many directions, too little concentration.  It was much more fun to have her pretend to […]

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DIY Decoupaged Coffee Sack Furniture Cabinet

Small spaces often require dual purpose furniture, so while we wanted a piece of furniture with a cozy, game room feel to place next to Ken’s pinball and slot machines, we also wanted to hide the kitty litter box.  You know, because kitty litter boxes and game rooms go so well together, right?? Well, for […]

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How to Wash Coffee Sacks and Not Ruin Them in the Process

I recently scored 20+ burlap coffee sacks on Craigslist for $20.  That’s $1 a piece, if you do the math, which I did, because I couldn’t believe my luck!!  Needless to say, I will have several coffee sack projects coming up soon, some of which are in the works right now.  But before I got […]

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keepsake-faux-snow-in-a-jar-ornaments, http://www.stowandtellu.com

Keepsake (Faux) Snow in a Jar Ornament

At the first signs of a snowfall, when the snow is so fluffy and powdery, haven’t you ever just wanted to scoop some up and take it inside for keeps? You know, put it in a jar and look at it later…after all the snow outside has gotten dirty and dingy…partially melted down… only to […]

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Hippie Valentine Burlap Dye Experiment

I love a good experiment and that is exactly where I was headed when trying to mix Rit Dye colors while making a burlap table runner.  I had most recently tried washing burlap and had pre-cut a few of the pieces as table runners.  Using a mix of Cocoa, Scarlet and Tan dye colors with […]

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Burlap Unraveled: Washing, Drying and What to Expect

Machine washing and drying burlap is not quite as simple as washing most other fabrics such as cotton, but it is possible.  There is a little more to it with various expected or unexpected results.  As I am starting another burlap project, I decided to give the machine washer/ dryer method a try despite my […]

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How to Dye? Confessions of a Burlap Newbie

I confess…I am quite new to the online world of crafting, blogging while crafting, pinteresting while crafting, and so on.  I have to admit, I feel like of newbie a LOT these days.  I’ve been crafting in my own little world for a quite a while, but one medium I’ve never really gotten into is […]

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