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Potato and vegetable bin Ikea Rast hack by Stow and Tell U featuring Pittsburgh Paints and Stains and Hickory Hardware.

Potato and Vegetable Bin IKEA Rast Hack

  One piece I’ve always wanted in my kitchen was a potato and vegetable bin.  Maybe it’s because growing up, my mom always stored the potatoes and onions in plain old plastic storage bins in our utility room, and while that was quite practical, it just wasn’t very…celebratory.  I mean, don’t these vegetables deserve a […]

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How to Plant Moss and Chicken Wire Containers

Living in Illinois, most of my small garden patch is made up of native prairie plants which thrive each year come whatever unpredictable weather our climate may surprise us with.  Thing is, once you plant a native, and it takes hold, it just keeps coming back from year to year.  There isn’t much more to […]

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Vertical Chicken Wire Planter on Pallet Wood

Last winter when my son was home visiting over the Christmas holiday, we have a few warmer days and he offered to do a little work for me.  I don’t think he was extremely thrilled to start disassembling pallet wood skids, but he made the best of it and by the end of the afternoon, […]

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Chicken Wire Wrapped Lamp Shade

Although I have already made a chicken wire lamp shade and a yarn wrapped lamp, I have yet to make a chicken wire wrapped lamp shade…until now!  When I saw the DIY mason jar lamp (with chicken wire wrapped lamp shade) that Adrianne made over at Happy Hour Projects, I knew that I haaaad to […]

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How to Age Chicken Wire with Chalkboard Paint

I know there are a few methods out there for how to make chicken wire look old, aged or rusty, and quite honestly I would love to try them all because I just like to experiment with different faux techniques, but for this instance I didn’t have the products or the time to implement any […]

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Rubbed Chicken Wire Texture on Paper

Would you like to get the look of chicken wire without all the chicken wire commitment?  Okay, well there’s a small commitment.  You will need a piece of chicken wire.  But you won’t have to bend, flex,  and tie it off like I so rigorously did with the chicken wire lamp shade, pumpkins, Christmas trees […]

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Chicken wire Trio of Christmas trees - StowandTellU.com

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree-O

Some how, we never got around to putting up our Christmas tree this year. Perhaps it’s the ongoing kitchen update and basement remodel but I wanted to add a few Christmassy touches to the place. You may have seen the faux snow soup can centerpiece, but I still wanted something that I could add lights […]

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How to make a Chicken Wire Pumpkin - StowandTellU

How to Make a Pumpkin out of Chicken Wire

Can you make a pumpkin out of chicken wire? Yes you can!! This project only took me about an hour and a half to do. Using 1″ chicken wire and a pair of wire cutters, I was able to form several pumpkins in varying sizes with my bare hands… tucked inside a pair of gardening […]

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DIY Chicken Wire Lamp Shade

How’s about another diy lamp shade project?  This one is made from chicken wire and a salvaged lamp shade frame. You may have already seen my hat box lamp shade or my tin bucket lamp shade.   Well,  making one with chicken wire is just one more way to change it up in the lighting department!  […]

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Sewing Room Seamstress Mini Dress Form

Whenever I see an old wire seamstress dress form, I can’t help but imagine Coco Channel in vintage Paris…pinning her newest design to one of these forms.  I decided that I wanted a seamstress form for my craft room, as they are quintessential to sewing, a skill of which I’ve learned a bit about from […]

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