Linking up to Christmas in July

Like I’ve been saying, July is smack dab in the middle of summer.  Just about the time you want to start thinking about Christmas, right?  Come on, you know you do… just a little peek at some Christmas craftiness…?  Trust me, it won’t spoil the rest of your summer.  I’ll  be sharing a my Elf […]

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Beat the Winter Blues with these Winter Activities

The winter months in the northern hemisphere can often be dreary and cold, causing many of us to suffer from what is known as the winter blues. Check out this list of winter activities to beat the winter blues and while your at it, keep these four words in mind: recreation, organization, visualization, education. Winter […]

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Ideas on how to decorate a Christmas mantle using your own decor items

How to Decorate a Christmas Mantle with Items in You Already Have in Your Home

I love decorating for Christmas because in my opinion, you can break all the normal decorating rules!!  Having said that, if you are looking to get some basics on how to decorate a Christmas mantle, I have some ideas to get you started, by combining your everyday décor with your Christmas décor. I will use […]

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Quick and affordable decorating ideas for Christmas

Quick and Affordable Decorating for Christmas

Here are some quick and affordable decorating ideas for Christmas.  The only expense is a few rolls of wrapping paper, some ribbon and tape.  I find that some of the best holiday colors and designs are hiding right on a roll of gift wrap, and if used correctly, it can really make a room pop […]

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Cookie Tin Gift Disguise (Part 2)

Here is a list of 50 cookie tin gift ideas that are affordable gift ideas for friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and almost anyone you know. Most of these gift ideas can be tucked or wrapped right inside a cookie tin for easy gift wrapping, as shown in Part 1 of this post. However you choose […]

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Cookie Tin Gift Disguise (Part 1)

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas?  Give the gift of “not cookies” in a cookie tin this holiday season.  This is a clever idea for those of you who have plenty of left over cookies tins from previous years, with no plans of baking cookies anytime soon.  Cookie tins can be so cute and compact, […]

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Quick Mint Oreo Cookie Treat

Here is an easy and delicious treat to serve at a party or give as a gift to teachers, neighbors, co-workers, and the like. You make them with Mint Oreo cookies and they are kind of like Oreo Balls, but can be made in less than an hour.  They’re easy enough to make that kids […]

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DIY Gift Holder

Make your own gift holder for the holidays.  This cute and easy to make  gift envelope can be used to hold anything small you can think of that you want to package creatively. I filled mine with seeds from my garden, but you could fill it with jewelry, gift cards, movie tickets or even cash.  […]

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