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5 Tips for Open Kitchen Rack Storage

We’ve only made a few changes to the kitchen since we moved in. And let me tell you, it needs a lot of changes as far as I’m concerned. One, we upcycled an IKEA rast into a vegetable bin. And last year, we moved the fridge to a new wall to create more counter space […]

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20 faux kitchen pantry ideas for creating a pantry space when you have no designated pantry storage area - Faux and TellU from StowandTellU.com

20 Faux Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Do you have kitchen pantry envy? As in your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, but if only there was a way to make one appear, you’d ask where to sign up? I can relate. We didn’t have a pantry in our townhouse kitchen, so we had to use two of the cabinets to store our […]

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How I found more kitchen counter space startd by moving the refrigerator and then filling that space with an upcycled cabinet from Stow and TellU

How I Found More Kitchen Counter Space

What would you do for more counter top space?  When we bought this house, it only had 8 square feet of counter space.  That’s 50″ x 23.5″!! That’s not a lot of counter top space and when I look back at the townhouse kitchen and my old apartment, I realize that I’ve always lived in […]

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Kitchen Progress: Phase One is Done

Phase one of my kitchen update is finally done! Kitchen update 1 started back in June… okay, so it has taken a little longer than I had intended to come this far, but aside from staging it to look pretty with home decor trinkets and perhaps adding a bit of under cabinet lighting, I can […]

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Scout’s Honor Modified Cabinet for Microwave Install

Did I mention that my husband was once a boy scout?  Just after Thanksgiving, we had a microwave malfunction.  This was not in the kitchen update  plan, yet it quickly became the plan because, well…dinner is often, though unfortunately made up of microwave meals!  So if we wanted to a hot have dinner on one […]

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Paint Dipped Plant Tins. Free with a Can of Soup!

These paint dipped soup cans were originally shared over at Inspiration Cafe.  In case you missed it, I’m showing them off one more time because I’m guilty as charged… I like making soup and tin can projects…as in most recently with soup can centerpiece for the holidays and last spring with a tin can pin […]

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Dish Pan Dependant

Are you one of the lucky ones, who has a dishwasher? Not me… No matter how much I update this townhouse kitchen, it will probably never have a dishwasher… and forever be dependent on a dish pan, or two. It does have central air conditioning, though. That I could not live without.   But as […]

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Get Your Kicks, Kitchen, Basement, or…

Since the cat’s out of the bag, and you happened to see my scary basement, I think you would agree that there is a lot of work to be done just to get it ready for a remodel, let alone start any remodeling.   Thus, getting the basement ready for a remodel is exactly what […]

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sun bleach and weather stained over the sink window shelf - StowandTellU.com

Sun Bleached and Weather Stained Over-the-Sink Window Shelf

I love the look of sun bleached and weathered wood.   It makes me feel like I’m at the beach!   In kitchen update 5  I was showing off an over-the-sink window shelf made out of pallet wood that was almost done, except for the final coats of stain. Well, here is kitchen update 6.  The […]

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Over the sink window shelf from pallet wood

Pallet Wood Over-the-Sink Window Shelf (Kitchen Update 5)

Looking to create more space in my rather small kitchen, I have been longing for one of those nifty over-the-sink window shelves.  As my kitchen update is coming along bit by bit, I finally have one! This photo shows just how little kitchen area counter space I have to work with. This window shelf happens […]

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Herbs in a Vintage Blue Ball Jar (Kitchen Update 4)

I so loved the fern in a jar project from the 3 Fun and Easy Summer Projects at Cottage in the Oaks, that, I decided to try replanting some of the herbs from our garden into glass jars.  Every summer we plants herbs in pots for the outside.  The down side is that we don’t […]

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Decoupage Paint Stick Magnets

Cover paint sticks with paper and decoupage and turn them into a magnet set for your refrigerator or message board.  I made a set using old maps and travel inspired scrapbook paper for my kitchen update.  I made an extra set as a house warming gift for my cousin, while I was at it.  I […]

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painted clay pot roaster grey

Kitchen Update 2 – Sample a Color Palette, Salvage a Clay Roaster

I’d been meaning to salvage an old clay roaster that is quite worse for its wear.  At the same time, I’m updating my kitchen, so I thought I would combine the efforts and sample the kitchen color palette on the clay roaster.  Have you ever chosen your own color palette and not been quite sure […]

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Kitchen Update – Pick Your Palette

Not being one to shy away from color in the past, I have started a kitchen update and decided to clean the slate!  I’ve been in my small town home for almost eight years and gave the kitchen a heavy duty update (not to be confused with a remodel) when I first moved in.  At […]

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