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7 DIY Faux Punched Tin Lantern Ideas - StowandTellU

7 Faux Punched Tin Lantern Ideas

Every porch or patio needs at least one punched tin lantern!! I read that blurb in one of the design magazines while at the dentist office a few months ago. I have been a little obsessed about it ever since. The real-deal punch tin lamps are a little pricey and harder to come by.  Here […]

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Tuna Can Christmas tree using flickering flameless tealights. Great for small space living, a bachelor pad, minimalist or industrial Christmas decor from Stow and Tell U

Lighted Tuna Can Christmas Tree

You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna Christmas tree! Okay that was cheesy, right?  But that’s the saying that kept coming to mind as I was making this lighted tuna can Christmas tree. By the way, who remembers the name of the band that had a similar album title back in the 80’s? […]

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Vintage Bottle Cap Paper Decoupage Tin Cans

I bought some vintage looking scrapbook paper a while back because I thought the design was a make up of vintage soda bottle caps.  When I pulled it out to use it, I looked more closely and realized it was actually vintage milk bottle caps.  Oh?  Well that’s okay too, either way I liked the […]

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Aloha Pink Monday at Thrifty Rebel: Yarn Wrapped Tin Cans

It’s Pink Monday over at The Thrifty Rebel and Tuula has asked me to join the pink ladies, woot!! So, I made something PINK with a hint of Hawaiian influence.  The project involves using tin cans, pink yarn and sisal cord, which I like to call tiki twine… to make yarn wrapped tin cans!  Photo […]

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Cookie Tin Postcard Display and Thrift Benefit DIY Link Party

Today is the Thrift Benefit DIY Link Party, where 22 bloggers are linking up to share their DIY projects from items purchased at our local animal shelter thrift stores.  Yesterday, I told you about my shopping excursion and about the thrift store, 2nd Chance in Oak Park, Illinois and how their store benefits the Animal […]

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Faux Hammered Copper on a Soda Can

I’m going for a faux hammered copper look again, this time with soda cans.  Some of you may remember my faux hammered copper attempt on the dish pans.  Well that one didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, but since I’ve had a little success with the soda can labels I made last […]

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Paint Dipped Plant Tins. Free with a Can of Soup!

These paint dipped soup cans were originally shared over at Inspiration Cafe.  In case you missed it, I’m showing them off one more time because I’m guilty as charged… I like making soup and tin can projects…as in most recently with soup can centerpiece for the holidays and last spring with a tin can pin […]

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Snow Covered Texture and a Soup Can Centerpiece

It’s snowing here… right now as a matter of fact.  I look outside and everything is covered in white and glisten.  I’m not going to break into song, I promise, but I really wanted to capture that snow covered look and bring it inside where it’s much warmer.  So I mixed and measured and with […]

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StowandTellU - tin bucket lamp shade

Tin Bucket Golf Lamp Shade

You know those buckets that you get at the driving range, filled to the brim with golf balls that you can drive, slice, and even putt away at without ever having to get the golf ball into the hole?  Those buckets are often plastic these days, but once upon a time they were tin or […]

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Soda can metal stamping

DIY Soda Can Metal Stamping

Soda can metal stamping is what I like to call the “dime store” method for creating metal stamping for crafts and jewelry.  I just adored the 4 Stamped Silver Projects from Karianne at Thistlewood Farms.  She captures a vintage look and elegance in her silver spoon stamping projects that you just have to see for […]

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Repuposed tin can sewing caddy | pin cushion sewers caddy | stowandtellu

Tin Can Pin Cushion Caddy

I needed an updated pin cushion, so I decided to go large and make a tin can pin cushion caddy!  Although I don’t actually have a designated sewing or craft room, just yet, one can always dream.  I’ve already made a seamstress mini dress form, for said room, so why not forge ahead with a […]

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Cookie Tin Gift Disguise (Part 1)

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas?  Give the gift of “not cookies” in a cookie tin this holiday season.  This is a clever idea for those of you who have plenty of left over cookies tins from previous years, with no plans of baking cookies anytime soon.  Cookie tins can be so cute and compact, […]

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