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10 Best Crafty reused items 2016 | Stowandtellu.com

10 Best Crafty Reused Items for 2016

It’s always fun in my book when I can get crafty and re-use an item for something new. While I’m hoping that we can get a lot more done on the house itself in 2017. Here are the top 10 favorite crafty reused items from this year.     Reused items for outdoor decor. Used lanterns […]

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How to dye sisal twine with paint to use for gift wrap, crafts, weddings, ornaments and more - StowAndTellU.com

How to Dye Sisal Twine with Paint

Sometimes I plan a craft and it’s a flop.  Other times I don’t plan at all.  I just start mixing or measuring, gluing or tacking, dipping or dying, and I come up with something kinda cute. Such was the case when some sisal twine ended up in a glass of watery paint. How to dye […]

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Turn an Old Sweater into a Cat Bed

That’s right, salvage an old sweater and turn it into a cat bed!  In honor of fuzzy sweater season and because I seem to have an itch for yarn projects right now, as in the DIY yarn wrapped lamp,  I’m going to re-share one of my oldest blog posts to date:  a re-purposed sweater to […]

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Blue Jean Hanging Travel Organizer

If you have ever used one of those over-the-door hanging shoe organizers, then you already know how handy they can be to keep your shoes organized.  Elena from ‘A Casarella suggested in her travel tips, that you bring one with when you travel. Isn’t that a clever idea? You hang it over the door in […]

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Rubbed Chicken Wire Texture on Paper

Would you like to get the look of chicken wire without all the chicken wire commitment?  Okay, well there’s a small commitment.  You will need a piece of chicken wire.  But you won’t have to bend, flex,  and tie it off like I so rigorously did with the chicken wire lamp shade, pumpkins, Christmas trees […]

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Burlap Unraveled: Washing, Drying and What to Expect

Machine washing and drying burlap is not quite as simple as washing most other fabrics such as cotton, but it is possible.  There is a little more to it with various expected or unexpected results.  As I am starting another burlap project, I decided to give the machine washer/ dryer method a try despite my […]

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Turn a Gift Box into a Storage Box

If you haven’t thrown out all those gift boxes yet, you might want to see this before you do. It’s a simple tutorial on how to transform a standard shirt sized gift box into a storage box, or two for that matter. Sure, best practice when trying to stay clutter-free is to get all those […]

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Chicken wire Trio of Christmas trees - StowandTellU.com

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree-O

Some how, we never got around to putting up our Christmas tree this year. Perhaps it’s the ongoing kitchen update and basement remodel but I wanted to add a few Christmassy touches to the place. You may have seen the faux snow soup can centerpiece, but I still wanted something that I could add lights […]

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DIY Ruffle Trimmed Lamp Shades-StowandTellU

DIY Ruffle Trimmed and Glam Lamp Shades

I found the funkiest pair of black and white textured lamps, while antique shopping down in Kentucky last spring.  Spotted from across the room, these lamps were partially hidden from full view on the shelf.  They were crystal clear on my texture radar; however, and complete with ruffle trimmed lamp shades no less. Ruffled trimmed […]

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How to make a Faux leather-Raw Hide-Storage Box with lid-StowandTellU

Raw Hide Faux Leather Storage Box with Lid

I’m all about the this faux leather, raw hide texture made with tissue paper and decoupage. I’ve just finished another group of lidded storage boxes for my linen closet update and I’m thinkin’ that they are lookin’ pretty worn and weathered… like raw hide! And to think anyone can get this textured look with decoupage, […]

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Soda can metal stamping

DIY Soda Can Metal Stamping

Soda can metal stamping is what I like to call the “dime store” method for creating metal stamping for crafts and jewelry.  I just adored the 4 Stamped Silver Projects from Karianne at Thistlewood Farms.  She captures a vintage look and elegance in her silver spoon stamping projects that you just have to see for […]

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Sewing Room Lazy Susan - StowandTellU.com

Sewing Room Lazy Susan

Lazy susans can be quite handy in the kitchen, but how about in your sewing or craft room?  I have been piecing together items for a sewing/craft room that I don’t even have, yet, but who could pass up a pair of lazy susans that would otherwise end up in the trash?  Not me, that’s […]

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From Black to White Ombre Dot Glass Canister Set

Give a plain glass canister set a make over with an easy hand painted ombre dot finish.  The ombre technique is basically a gradation of shades or colors.  I painted this glass canister set with a masculine touch of black and white as my second undertaking in project bachelor pad, which is an ongoing collection […]

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Faux Tin Ceiling Storage Box with Lid

Faux Tin Ceiling Storage Box with Lid

I am taking on my linen closet.  It’s in pretty bad shape!  Before I pull it apart, I want to make sure I have adequate storage to put it back together with some sense of ORGANIZATON!  I could buy a bunch of storage boxes, but I’m going to DIY it instead. I have made a […]

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How to make rust with potatoes

Non-Toxic, No-Nonsense, No Foolin’ How to Make Metal Rust with Potatoes

  Once considered junk, rusty old items have become trendy furniture, garden art and home decor.   I myself haven’t mastered this look, but I have needed to make newer nails and hardware look rusty from time to time,  and along the way, I discovered a non-toxic, no-nonsense method to make rust, using potatoes!  There […]

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