Unless You Can Be a Vintage Mermaid Statue

vintage mermaid statue face

Always be yourself.

Unless you can be a vintage mermaid statue.

Then always be a vintage mermaid statue.

midcentury vintage mermaid statue - StowAndTellU.com

Fess up. Haven’t you ever dreamed of being a vintage mermaid statue?  No?

Okay. How about just wishing you were a mermaid?

I’ve wished such a thing.  And from all the quotes on Pinterest, it’s seems to be a pretty popular wish.

But for all my wishing, the closest I could come is scoring an antique mermaid sculpture at a yard sale about seventeen years ago.

vintage mermaid statue - StowAndTellU.com

Or as some might call it:

A vintage mermaid statue.

Do you think I’ll ever get rid of her? Pfft. If I actually turn into a mermaid, then maybe.

broken fin mermaid statue

Meanwhile, her tail fin has been broken since I bought her and it’s going to need a fixin’ soon. I’m thinking it will make a nice cold weather project.

broken plaster mermaid sculpture

I’ve been doing my research.  And statue repair is doable, see video.

So that is the approach I will take.

Always be vintage mermaid statue - StowAndTellU.com

From then I’ll have to decide whether to keep her looking the same as she does now, or change her look.

As a lover of vintage I just don’t think I could slap a whole new look on this lady of Neptune. Sure she needs a good cleaning, but trying to reproduce some of that patina?

Patina painted fins mermaid statue - StowAndTellU.com

I don’t think I want to go there.

Antique vintage mermaid statue - StowAndTellU.com

But perhaps I could add a few shades of color along the base and on the shell holder.

I mean, that’s a wholelotta flesh tone going on, don’t you think?

christmas ornament sea baubles

For the sake of her reputation, I filled her shell basket with a bunch of shell garnished Christmas ornaments.

No doubt, I’ll make her something a little more stylish to hold when it’s all said and done.

Have you ever seen this kind of mermaid sculpture before? I can’t seem to find another one like this. I’d love to know her origin. So if anyone has any idea who or where she was made, please leave a comment or drop me an email. I’d be truly grateful.

I actually hauled off one whole truck load of junk to the Salvation Army while clearing out the hobby shed. I took a break to take these photos, so I’m sorry about all the dirt and poor staging,  Anyhow, I feel like a new MERMAID after getting rid of that much stuff.  You might want to try it sometime;)

Don’t forget to make some waves ~ Amy

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One Response to Unless You Can Be a Vintage Mermaid Statue

  1. chris aka monkey August 4, 2016 at 1:40 pm #

    wow amy i would keep her forever too, and a little change wouldn’t be so bad.. a while back i printed “always be yourself unless you can be batman then always be batman” for my grandsons, it is still taped up next to ” don’t let anyone dull your sparkle” love your mermaid, i just got back from an emergency trip to fl, thought we were gonna lose my older bro, but he is a fighter and after being resusatated 4 times has been moved to rehab and took 12 steps yesterday woohoo xx

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