Route 66 DIY Dartboard Scoreboard

The basement is morphing into a game room one little project at a time.  Just as well considering when you walk down the stairs, one of the first things you see is a standard sized pinball game.  That baby takes up a lot of room.  But it’s one of Ken’s babies, so it’s a keeper… […]

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Postcards from the Arabian Desert

While my son is working in Dubai, he’s had to opportunity to site see and travel.  Over the New Year’s holiday, he sent me “postcards from India“.  We Skype almost every weekend, and the following are his “postcards to me” (via Skype and texted photos) from his day trip to the Arabian Desert. Postcards from […]

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The Art of Hanging a Board Game

As I rummaged through my stowaway stash of board games that had previously been hiding underneath our basement stairs, I came across several game boards that I wanted to hang up as artwork.  I didn’t want to frame them, however because there’s always a chance that we may want to actually play one of the […]

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No Slip, No Kidding! Painted Vinyl Basement Floor

There was almost no bigger argument in our home than when it came to what to do with our vinyl basement floor that was in really, REALLY bad shape.  I want to thank, My Repurposed Life for her tutorial on a painted vinyl floor, because that is what it took to convince Ken, that this […]

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Deco Mirror Makeover from Maine

I knew the minute I saw this mirror while on vacation in Maine, that I was going to makeover the leaded deco mirror I had at home in much the same style.  There was plenty more coastal decor inspiration where this mirror came from, but since I already had a similar mirror at home, I […]

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More than Beer at New England Breweries

If you’re not a big beer lover, but you’ve got the opportunity to visit a brewery, you may just find it more interesting than you think. I accompanied my son Kevin to several breweries on our trip to New England, and while, Kevin sampled a variety of malts, stouts, ales and pilsners, I strolled the […]

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It’s Faux the Birds! 10 DIY Nests

Last summer some of the birds in my yard went to town pulling the filling out of one of our old lawn cushions. Hey, it’s not like they can fly to the craft store and buy supplies.  There’s something fascinating in the creation of a real bird’s nest.  I think that’s why so many of […]

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Beer Bread Mix Guinness Brown Bread

I don’t drink Guinness beer very often, but I do love brown bread, probably more than I should.  I don’t know why it’s so much better than plain old white bread or wheat bread for that matter, but after making some brown bread with a can of Guinness beer and a package of beer bread […]

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17 Creative Ways to Un-Carpet Your Stairs with Paint

To pull up the carpet on your stairs and try something new and different or not to, is often the question when people are remodeling the area in their home that involves a staircase.  It was certainly a question for us when updating our basement. Having a cat, I was pretty sure I didn’t want […]

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Pallet Wood Framed Coffee Sack Art

Pallet wood framed coffee sack art! !!! Can I get any more boring with some of these titles for my project posts? ??…I’ll have to work on that…but what other kind of title would you want for what is simply a piece of coffee sack art framed up with pallet wood scraps. It almost seems […]

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