moving tips for moving to new home

Three Moving Tips That Made Our Move Easier

I helped a friend move this passed weekend.  Needless to say, there has been a lot of moving in my world lately.  Some people are quite prepared when moving and have all their stuff packed days or weeks in advance.  Our plan was a bit more last minute, but there were three items that I […]

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diy handsewn ironing board cover

Handsewn Ironing Board Cover

The days were numbered for my ironing board cover.  You know, it was faded, slightly torn, didn’t fit as well as it used to.  Kind of like my favorite old concert tee shirt, but without all the fond memories. The bones of the ironing board were still good, so I just wanted to re-cover it […]

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Fall Inspired Sayings with Edible Marker on Apples

If I was going to the moon and could only take one dessert, it would be something with apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter.  Sorry chocolate! It’s apple pickin’ season around here again.  My siblings and I always try to make it out to one of the apple orchards to go apple picking. If we […]

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I Spy a Birthday Candelabra

We can all sing the Happy Birthday Song again.  Did you hear?  The powers that be decided the other day that the Happy Birthday Song can be sung by anyone, at anytime, in any place, at no cost to any of us…at least for now. This past spring, however, when we were celebrating my friend Deanne’s […]

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Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet Coffee Table

I had been standing in the furniture section of my local thrift store staring at my choices for a coffee table makeover.  It was one of those times when I knew darn well they didn’t really have what I was looking for, but my stubborn, unrealistic self wanted to believe that if I stood there […]

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Bacon, Eggs and Bears in Gatlinburg

We had a trip to Gatlinburg, TN planned for August.  We have a timeshare and had to plan way in advance to book our week.  As it happened, our move to the new house was going to interfere with the trip, and if you have or know anyone with a timeshare, it’s not that easy […]

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I Spy a Repurposed Sweater Curtain

I’ve seen repurposed sweater pillows, sweater pumpkins, sweater lamp shades. a sweater cat bed, but I had yet to spy a repurposed sweater curtain until I went to the home inspection for the house that we are buying. It was located in the hobby shed, and although I’m almost sure it was hung for utilitarian purposes […]

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Last Saturday Morning

Last Saturday morning I saw a butterfly in my yard. Last Saturday morning my son finished the last of his packing and prepared to leave for Pennsylvania by noon. Last Saturday morning my best friend Laura called in tears.  Her 31 year old son, David, had a seizure earlier that morning.  His heart stopped.  The […]

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Furniture Freshening: DIY Rope Handles

The guys in my house don’t like painted furniture!!!  While my son’s been home these past few weeks, we’ve been pulling together furniture pieces for him out of my waiting-for-a-makeover collection. Several of the pieces are faux wood laminate and although I offered to paint any or all, he insisted that I don’t need to […]

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Old Door Table and Arsty Craft Area

I went for a “shop your home” approach to create a craft area in our basement update.  When we had originally taken down the rather poorly constructed walls in our basement, we were able to salvage the old door that led into the laundry area.   As the basement update progressed, I was also able […]

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