5 Rustic DIY Faux Countertops

It’s amazing what the magic of a faux treatment can do to a countertop for a lot less money.  If that method includes going over existing laminate countertops, we’re probably talking about saving even more.  Upon perusing the web for faux countertop ideas, my attention seemed to be drawn to the more rustic styled methods. […]

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Valentine’s Trail Sign

Does your Valentine need directions?  I have not been getting very crafty lately but when, Lisa, a reader commented on my Valentine’s Twig Heart Trivet, she mentioned a crafty project that she has made in the past, and there I was, feeling inspired to craft something for Valentine’s Day.  Something to point a Valentine in […]

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Hidey Cat Cubby Crate

I’ve spoken about our sweet cat, Kitty, when we did our first Benefit for Sheltered Animals tour.  He’s the sweetest boy, with the manners of an Emily Post graduate…except when it comes to dinners in our house where fish is involved. Whenever we cook a fish/ seafood combo (we have to do both because Ken […]

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Taste of New England Tour Part 2

May you have fair winds and following seas…If you missed the Taste of New England Tour Part 1, you can read it, here.  Welcome to Part 2 where my son and I have just arrived in Portland, Maine after sight seeing through the White Mountains. Taste of New England Tour part 2 J’s Oyster (Portland, […]

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5 Things to Use as a Faux Canvas

I took a house tour a few years ago in one of the fancier suburban Chicago towns.  I was awed, inspired, and perhaps feeling that I should have dressed a little nicer.  Maybe next time, anyway, I remember in one of the most elaborate homes we actually had a tour guide who took us through […]

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How to Paint Stairs and Walk Up Them When Your Done!

As we were painting the basement ceiling and the basement floor, we naturally wanted to paint the basement stairs, too.  Painting my way up the stairs seemed awkward and painting my way down the stairs would mean that I would be trapped downstairs until the paint dries.  Uhhh, no!  Didn’t have time for that.   […]

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5 DIY Faux Mantel Ideas

I wish I had a fireplace!!  If we ever make the move into a new house, it’s on our wish list, to be sure.  In the meantime I’m tossing around the idea of a faux mantel for the basement using the scrap wood we have left over from taking down the basement walls. Sure it […]

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How to Stabilize Adjustable Wall Shelves

Single rail adjustable shelving is one of the cheapest options for shelving out on the market.  But if you’ve ever used single rail shelves you may have been less than impressed by the less than sturdy nature of the shelves once placed on top of the brackets.   We’ve had a module of this shelving […]

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Taste of New England Tour Part 1

From our very first meal on our trip to New England, my son and I knew we were in for some good eats!  Ever since Kevin was just a little kid and we’d be on vacation, we would always try to eat at the local diners or ask around for where to go for some […]

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10 Best Craft DIYs of 2014

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  Ken and I have been working away on bringing the basement up to snuff.  I can’t say “back up to snuff” because I don’t think there was ever a snuff before now.  We have managed to create a cozier little TV area, and we have been enjoying […]

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