Basement Progress Sneak Peak

While suffering from paint brush wrist, paint roller elbow, Do-it-yourself-basement-floor knees and a multitude of other aches and pains, I’m happy, ohhhh so happy, to say that progress is the basement is being made. Main objective (for the moment) is to have basement completed enough that we can clear out the guest room, so when […]

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New England Salvaged Decor Inspiration

What do you find most intriguing when on vacation?  The scenery, the people, the food?  Call me a little neurotic, but often times, while on vacation, I can’t help but pay the most attention to the (I’ll use the term loosely)…decor. Yes, I do partake in enjoying the scenery and food and meeting the people […]

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New England Historical Colors Inspiration

Having just come back from a road trip through New England, I have a new appreciation for the phrase “New England Fall colors”.  Now, I haven’t traveled everywhere, but from all the places I have been in the Fall season, New England is officially at the top of my list for having the most vivid […]

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Good News Bad News and a Trip to New England

Have you ever had someone say, “Pack your bags, because you are going to…”?  Well, that happened to me just a few weeks ago, when my son called to tell me he wants to fly me out to Boston to meet up with him and take a road trip through New England.  We’re hoping we’ll […]

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Gloomy Fall Gallery Wall and Route 66 Talking Crow

As the season of Fall and our basement update having been rolling along together, I have literally, just one small section of our townhouse that isn’t stacked with stuff from the basement.  It’s a section of my living/ dining room wall, and I have been hanging up all of my recent Fall-ish projects (really, just […]

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Easy Faux Hammered Copper Paint Technique

Hammered copper is one of my all time favorite metal finishes.  Something about the color of copper and rustic qualities of a hammered finish just seems to add warmth to any setting.  Funny though, I don’t come across many pieces when I’m out thrifting.  Hmmm?  Is it because there just weren’t a lot of hammered […]

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Cookie Tin Postcard Display and Thrift Benefit DIY Link Party

Today is the Thrift Benefit DIY Link Party, where 22 bloggers are linking up to share their DIY projects from items purchased at our local animal shelter thrift stores.  Yesterday, I told you about my shopping excursion and about the thrift store, 2nd Chance in Oak Park, Illinois and how their store benefits the Animal […]

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Thrift Shopping for Sheltered Animals

Do you ever feel like you want to save the world from all the bad things that are happening on our planet?   I know. Not possible, but even small actions make a difference, so when Jeannette from Country Design Style announced that she was heading up the 2nd Annual Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals […]

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50 Questions Day and a Beaded Spider

Have I ever told you I have a fear of spiders?  Well it’s 50 Questions Day, here on the blog and a fear of spiders is just one of the topics I will cover.  I’ve never done a question and answer post before, but when Karen from The Feral Turtle tagged me in her 50 […]

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Vintage Canoe Rental Sign Laundry Table

I love my truck!! I got it just so that I could haul furniture and other large things from a curb to my house, whenever I please.   Lately I haven’t been doing too much hauling because we are fully stocked and we’ve GOT to get that basement done.   Speaking of basements and laundry rooms, I […]

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