No Sew Coffee Sack Pillow with Speed-Sew {Giveaway}

When I was young, I used to talk my mom’s ear off while she sat at her sewing machine sewing away.  She tried to teach me how to sew a few times, but I would have none of that.  Too many directions, too little concentration.  It was much more fun to have her pretend to […]

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Aloha Pink Monday at Thrifty Rebel

It’s Pink Monday over at The Thrifty Rebel and Tuula has asked me to join the pink ladies, woot!! So, I made something PINK with a hint of Hawaiian influence. The project involves using tin cans, pink yarn and sisal cord, which I like to call tiki twine…  Photo source …so hula on over to […]

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15 Tips for Painting an Exposed Basement Ceiling

Our exposed basement ceiling has officially been painted and our basement has finally been put back together…okay, almost, but we’re working on it.  The whole basement project started out over a year ago, and one of the steps that took the longest was these first 5 tips in preparation for painting an open beam ceiling.   […]

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A Room Fit for a Queen

When Cat from Cut Out and Keep invited me to participate in the #DIYTheRoom Challenge, she told me that I could design the room for anyone I choose.  The person could be famous, real, fictional, historical…, that’s a wide range, right?  But it didn’t take me long to decide exactly whose room I would LOVE […]

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6 Faux Metallic Projects with Tin Foil

Tin foil is not just for cooking, my friends.  There are plenty of ways to put aluminum foil to work in a DIY project to get a metallic finish that can look pretty darn close a real metallic finish.  Being that tin foil is technically metal already, it’s effect makes it look that much more […]

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DIY Decoupaged Coffee Sack Furniture Cabinet

Small spaces often require dual purpose furniture, so while we wanted a piece of furniture with a cozy, game room feel to place next to Ken’s pinball and slot machines, we also wanted to hide the kitty litter box.  You know, because kitty litter boxes and game rooms go so well together, right?? Well, for […]

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How to Wash Coffee Sacks and Not Ruin Them in the Process

I recently scored 20+ burlap coffee sacks on Craigslist for $20.  That’s $1 a piece, if you do the math, which I did, because I couldn’t believe my luck!!  Needless to say, I will have several coffee sack projects coming up soon, some of which are in the works right now.  But before I got […]

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taj mahal-postcards from India,

Postcards from India

If we didn’t have things cell phones and Facebook and Skype then it would be possible that my son would have sent me a postcard or two when he had a chance to visit India over the recent New Year’s holiday.  It was quite and adventure for him, and since we do have Skype, he was able […]

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5 Rustic DIY Faux Countertops

It’s amazing what the magic of a faux treatment can do to a countertop for a lot less money.  If that method includes going over existing laminate countertops, we’re probably talking about saving even more.  Upon perusing the web for faux countertop ideas, my attention seemed to be drawn to the more rustic styled methods. […]

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Valentine’s Trail Sign

Does your Valentine need directions?  I have not been getting very crafty lately but when, Lisa, a reader commented on my Valentine’s Twig Heart Trivet, she mentioned a crafty project that she has made in the past, and there I was, feeling inspired to craft something for Valentine’s Day.  Something to point a Valentine in […]

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