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Stowaway Files – Picture on a Pony

Are you like me with an attic or basement full of old photos, collections and mementos (otherwise known as junk) stowed away for safe keeping because you know you’re going to need it, want to look at it, or touch it again?  You just can’t part with it…not yet, maybe never! I’ve always wanted a […]

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Love Thyself and Pamperalooza

Not everyone has a Valentine this year. As I was a single parent for many years, I myself have had many Valentine-less Valentine’s Days. Sure there were a few pity parties along the way, but in the end, I came to believe that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, and that was […]

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Time Traveler: History of the Spa

For as far back as the Bronze Age man has been revitalizing himself with spa treatments in one way, shape, form or another. As Valentine’s Day approaches I am anxiously awaiting a day spa gift card, although I will probably have to settle for a box of chocolates. I did however, get to wondering just […]

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The Best Part of 2013 was…

Are you still in 2013 mode, or have you said your good-byes and you’re not lookin’ back? I’ve been enjoying a great holiday season with my son home from Georgia to visit, though he’s getting ready to head back in a few days. There’s been plenty of family time, good cooking, movie marathons, and I […]

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Painting Fall Trees - StowandTellU

Time Traveler – Painting Fall Trees

Travel isn’t always about where. It can be about when, as well.  Lord knows, I haven’t been much of anywhere lately, but I did go to when this past weekend, so I thought I would share. It was fall 2007.   We had finished up the bulk of our townhouse remodel, minus the scary basement. […]

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Washi tape beach hat-Stowandtellu

Exciting News: I’m a New Contributor at Inspiration Cafe

Hi all!  I’m so excited today to announce that as of today, I am officially a contributor at Inspiration Cafe!!  If you have never been over to the cafe before, you really must come on by.  It is headed up by a fantastic group of lady bloggers from all over the globe.  These ladies bring a […]

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Sending Out an SOS to Thirty Birthdays

The beginning of July is always a busy time around here.  Of course we celebrate the Fourth of July, but we also celebrate our wedding anniversary and my son’s birthday.    His birthday celebrations aren’t what they used to be since he became an adult; however this birthday is a little more special since he is […]

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Whistle Stop Bachelor Bachelorette Party on a Train

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties seem all the rage these days. Guys and gals teaming up together to throw a co-ed party for the couple getting married, and they’re getting pretty creative in the process.  Some of the ideas I’ve seen are the bachelor/ bachelorette party bus, the b/b bowling party, the b/b party cruise and even the […]

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One Year Ago, Saying Goodbye to My Mother

One year ago, I was saying good bye, for the last time to my best friend, my mother.  At age 89 she was very fortunate to have lived such a long and prosperous life.  Not everyone gets that chance, but those who do, usually have quite a life story to tell, and I would like […]

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Tongue In Cheek Tuesday – The Once Upon a Time Respectable Buffet

Tongue In Cheek Tuesday #3 – Junk in Our Trunks  The Once Upon a Time Respectable Buffet Tongue In Cheek Tuesday#3  The Once Upon a Time Respectable Buffet Once upon a time, she was a respectable serving buffet, in a respectable room for that matter! Sure, I’d lay down the occasional piece of mail on […]

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A Little Somethin’Somethin’ Coming Soon

It’s a busy week, here.  Both my hubby and I are celebrating our birthdays, and I am doing Habitat for Humanity this weekend with the company I work for.  Not very exciting, but then again, I’m not really the type of person who says, “I’ll try just about anything, once, in life…” because I’m way […]

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Beat the Winter Blues with these Winter Activities

The winter months in the northern hemisphere can often be dreary and cold, causing many of us to suffer from what is known as the winter blues. Check out this list of winter activities to beat the winter blues and while your at it, keep these four words in mind: recreation, organization, visualization, education. Winter […]

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Quick at home pedicure tips

Quick at Home Pedicure

If you don’t have time to make it to the salon, or to give yourself the full at home pedicure treatment, try this QUICK home pedicure solution before you head out to a holiday party, an impromptu vacation or an evening on the town.  Easy, fast and effective you can do this in about 5 […]

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The Lady from the Farmhouse

    The Lady from the Farmhouse Salvaging an antique photo     The Story I purchased the image of this woman at an estate sale several years ago.  The owners called her “the lady from the farmhouse” because all that they knew was she was hanging in a farmhouse that their parents once purchased.  […]

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Wisdom From Florida

  Wisdom from Florida   While I was at my doctor’s office, I noticed this plaque and asked if I could take a picture.  I’m not sure if the author is named “Florida” or is it is just words of wisdom from our 27th State, but either way, I wanted to share the saying.   […]

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