Turn Your Closet into a Mini Mud Room




As EMBARRASSING as this is to show you just how cluttered and messy my front closet was, I think the transformation really proves worth it.  Since I completed this mini mud room makeover, I can honestly say that it has been much easier to keep it in order.  I live in a small townhouse and challenge myself to find new ways to de-clutter efficiently.  One of the best parts of this new system is having hooks to hang our coats and jackets on because the hanger method just wasn’t working in this small space.  The labeled storage containers have been very handy, too.




You will need

  • Measuring tape

  • Storage boxes or containers and labels

  • Cubicle storage unit to fit size of lower part of closet

  • Several mounted coat and hat racks in sizes that co-ordinate with your space

  • Power Drill/ Screwdriver

  • Hammer


Measure the closet width and length, side walls and back wall.  Write the measurements down so that you know what size coat racks, storage containers and cubical storage pieces to use.


Remove all contents from closet.

While doing this make 4 piles:

Keep to put back in closet
-Put somewhere else in your house
-Throw out



To determine what you want to put back in the new mud room, I suggest you evaluate the following:

Decide what you need access to on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and plan to put items such as the following in the lower portion of the “mud room”

  • Coats, hats, shoes
  • Umbrellas, gloves, scarves
  • Sports gear

Decide what you need access to only on an occasional basis and plan to put items such as the following in the storage boxes or containers that will go on the shelf above:

  • Table linens, candles, holiday decorations, gift cards
  • Light bulbs, emergency safety kit,
  • Photo albums, Maps, phone books, excess cookbooks

Tip#1:  If you rotate your shoes and jackets seasonally and store the out of season clothing and sports gears in another location in your house it will keep down on the clutter.


Tip#2:  You can probably even clean out a few other drawers in your house by moving those items to one of the storage containers.  I know that I was able to.




Tip#3:  Make sure to take the extra step to LABEL THE CONTAINERS.  In the long run, when you are looking for these items you will be able to find them more easily:

**Click here:  To learn how to make your own storage box with lid 





If you have a hanging bar in your closet currently, then remove the hanging bar.  The brackets for the hanging bar do not necessarily have to be removed if you are just trying to do a quick make over.


If you do not have a closet shelf, I recommend that you add one especially if your closet has space above the standard eye level.




To hang your coat and hat racks, you will need drywall anchors and screws.  Most coat and hat racks will come with them, but if they do not, make sure you use them.  You will want your racks to be sturdy enough to hang coats on.





Hold rack up on wall and make small mark with pencil where the holes for the screws go.

Tip:  Leave about 6” between bottom of shelf and top of hooks. You do not want to place them too close to the shelf, as you will need room to get your items over the hooks without hitting your hands on the bottom of the shelf constantly. 







Drill a small hole where you made your pencil mark

Tap you drywall anchor into each hole

Line up the holes in the rack to the drywall anchors and attach the rack with the screws




Final Step:

Place storage cubicle inside closet

Place labeled storage boxes on shelf above

Attach a small battery powered puck light under shelf if you need some lighting.


















Closet transformation to mini mud room

You too, can transform your closet into a mini mud room!

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