Yardworkation #2 – Accent Colors for a Blue House

I’m not adverse to the color blue on a house. It’s just that our blue and white house is so blaze at the moment. I thought I’d step back an look at the big picture. What potential does this blue house have? Removing the bush that looks like it’s growing out from under our house is at the top of the list, as is placing a flower bed in the front yard.

Blue house accent color inspiration - yardworkation2 - StowandTellU.com

Note: These photos may not show colors accurately. 

In the meantime, I’ve been exploring some accent colors for our blue vinyl-sided house. Just this weekend, I learned that Sherwin Williams carries a paint for vinyl exteriors that can be used in most any color and supposedly won’t warp the vinyl. I was doing the happy dance, let me tell you, because that opens up a lot more options for our house… in the future.

Awning, trim color ideas for a blue house - StowandTellU.com

Accent color inspiration for a blue vinyl sided house with white awnings and trim - StowandTellU.com

blue-house-color-accents-inspiration - StowAndTellU.com

This photo was taken with my phone, but most accurately shows the colors at a different time of day, right after a storm, actually.

Painting the entire exterior is out of the question for us at the moment. But I would like to paint the awnings and perhaps the doors and the trim.

blue-cottage-color-inspiration-nouveau-narrativeThis Nouveau Narrative 2016 Color Trend collection really caught my eye.

I’ve matched it up with some of the pieces I’ve already painted, like the spray painted lawn chairs. It’s not an exact match, for sure, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.  What I really like is the contrast of the blue up against some of the more neutral colors. And the pop of a rustier red, as opposed to a “red, white and blue,” red. I also can’t forget some green if I want plants or grass.

While I was there, I bought a few paint samples that I’ll be trying out on other outdoor furniture pieces. Sample painting, and lots of it is probably key to getting it right, wouldn’t you agree?

I also went online and used the SW Color Visualizer to play around with some color options.

Blue house color combinations that include dark gray, cream, navy and rusty red - StowandTellU.com

Yes, I realize it’s on a dream home that looks nothing like mine, lol.

I mixed and matched accent colors that I imagined might add a vintage, cottage feel to an otherwise blue and white house. Then I mixed and matched some more.

The main blue color I used is Colonial Revival Grey.

The accent colors used vary, but include: Urban Putty, Navy, Garden Gate, Roycroft Bronze Green, Roycroft Copper Red, Weathered Shingle.

blue-house-white-trim - blue house accent color options - StowandTellU.com

This home with blue siding and white trim more closely matches, yet still outsizes our little cottage.

blue house with cream colored trim and dark gray accents - StowandTellU.com

This color combination is what most closely matches my vision. Dark awnings and creamy colored trim with rusty red accents that will need to compliment our roof.

Although the painting of any kind may not happen this summer, at least I have a vision to work off of. And before I get crazy painting anything, I will make sure to try out samples up against my home.

My son will be helping dig the flower bed when he comes in to visit on the 4th of July.

Ken is still working on the electrical in the hobby shed.

And we’re both still pretending we don’t have a leaky basement!

What are your thoughts on accent colors for a blue house?

Would you leave it blue with white trim, or do you have a favorite combination?

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4 Responses to Yardworkation #2 – Accent Colors for a Blue House

  1. chris aka monkey June 17, 2016 at 11:57 am #

    i really suck at trying to imagine color combos but i like where you are going especially the rusty red. i do love that color. and with the blue and cream i think it will look spectacular xx

  2. Sharleen June 18, 2016 at 4:05 am #

    Yup great choice. . It will be pretty yet not over the top and absolutely somthing I could live wi th for a long time. My last house I painted went from barn red to cream with white trim. It was so much more restful for our summer heat .looking forward to seeing this in the future .

  3. Blisss June 22, 2016 at 12:19 pm #

    I am the person that can still get my paint wrong when I try samples first. There is no hope for me, but I am liking that darker blue in the first photo. And just where is the hobby shed, I want one.


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