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Log House at The Homeplace: Land Between the Lakes Part2

The log house at The Homeplace in Land Between the Lakes (LBL) Tennessee captures the rural lifestyle of middle America circa the mid 1800’s.  In Land Between the Lakes Part 1, I told you a little bit about what it is and some of what it has to offer a visitor. Whether you are a […]

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Hoots and Hooves at Land Between the Lakes Part1

Land Between the Lakes, also known as LBL, is National Recreation area located on the western end of both Kentucky and Tennessee.  Last spring we took several trips down to visit my son who was attending college at Murray State.  You may remember the jaunt I made to the Hazel Kentucky Antique Shops or our […]

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Where Does it Start? Route 66 the Original Beginning

Where does Route 66 start? I can tell you that I was curious about it myself.  So, in December of 2012, my son and I struck out, camera in tow, to find the beginning point of Route 66 in the east, aka Chicago.  Depending upon which way you’re heading, the beginning of Route 66 would […]

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Warren Dunes and Rte12 – Sand and Sandwiches Part 2

As the sun began to lower in the west, part 1 of our annual day trip to the Warren Dunes, Michigan was coming to a close.  It was time to take down the beach umbrellas, fold up the towels and brush off the sand.  Our group was quite okay with that because the second leg […]

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trails lead to the beach-Warren Dunes - StowandTellu

Sand and Sandwiches Day Trip to Warren Dunes Michigan

Every summer my family makes a trip to the Warren Dunes State Park in southwestern Michigan.  Only an hour and a half drive from the western suburbs of Chicago, it is well worth the trip and change of scenery.  I call it paradise for a day.  Coming from a large family our group changes up […]

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Dos, Don’ts, and Confusion for Your Next Charter Fishing Trip

A few weeks ago I mentioned that it was my son’s thirtieth birthday, and that we were all taking a chartered boat to go fishing on Lake Michigan.  In addition I said that I would try to take a few photos of our trip and share them in Instagram.  Well, you may have noticed that […]

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Want to Go Camping? Make that Glamping!

Summer is here, and I want to go camping…, wait, I mean glamping!!  How about you?  The glamping trend is building speed, and I am intrigued.  I’ve always enjoyed camping, although, let’s admit, it’s a lot more work than staying in a hotel.  You often need to bring something to actually live in while you’re […]

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Slice of Americana: Circus Skate Roller Rink, Murray Kentucky

On a recent road trip, I had the chance to stop off and see a real slice of Americana, at Circus Skate Roller Rink in the town of Murray, Kentucky.  We had just returned from our stop off at the antique shops in Hazel, Kentucky, when I saw the sign out in front of the […]

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From Classic to Eclectic Antique Shopping in Hazel, Kentucky

I’ve just returned from my road trip to western Kentucky and getting back in the swing of things.  It was a bit of a whirlwind trip lasting only three days, but I followed the 14 Steps for a Stress Free Start to Your Road Trip, so we left off with ease and managed to find […]

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Leaving for Western Kentucky and I’m Taking Instagram Along

Our destination is western Kentucky, as we head off this weekend to visit my son in college.  We’ve got plenty of adventure planned which will include roller skating, fishing, junk store shopping and fried chicken! We’re going roller skating, because it isn’t often that you get to visit the home of the WORLD’s LARGEST ROLLER […]

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14 Tips for a Stress Free Start to Your Road Trip

It can be very exciting to take a road trip.  On the other hand, getting yourself and your family ready, packed and out the door on the day of the trip can be daunting if you don’t plan well.  I have started off on many a road trip frazzled and at my wits end by […]

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Dune Buggy Memories from Silver Lake Sand Dunes

I’ve been going through a pile of old photos, and I came across a few from a family vacation in western Michigan, circa 1974.  I remember having great fun on that trip, but my favorite memory of all was the day we spent at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area is […]

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Route 66 Historic Roadside Attraction – Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant in Chicago

Nestled under the skyscrapers of Chicago, Illinois, Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant and Bakery is the first dining stop that is original and still remaining along the beginning point of historic Route 66. Route 66 Chicago restaurant and roadside attraction Located at 565 W Jackson Boulevard, the diner opened its doors in 1923 and was ready for […]

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Deep Sea Fishing Cancun, Mexico

Beyond the sandy white beaches, tropical weather and renowned night life, Cancun Mexico has a lot more to offer.  While visiting Cancun recently to stand up in his best friend’s wedding, my son and his buddies chartered a boat and went deep sea fishing. Although this particular trip was just for the guys, it is […]

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