Miniature Tealight House to Mock Punch Tin Lantern

Lanterns of any kind seem to be a big trend this season. I had two black metal tea light houses in my thrifted miniature house collection.  One was upcycled as a bird house planter, which turned out to be a nice gift for Mother’s Day.  I decided to try my hand at turning this one into a mock punch tin lantern.

upcyled-miniature-house-punch-tin-lantern - metal-black-tealight-miniature-house -

Now, when I say punched tin, what I really mean is drilled steel!  There would be no punching of any kind through this sturdy black metal.

DIY Faux Punched Tin Lantern -

Mock punch tin lantern from a miniature metal tealight house

upcyled-miniature-house-punch-tin-lantern-drill-metal-mock-punch-tin -

Here are the steps I followed:

I cleaned the metal thoroughly and I covered the whole piece in painters tape.

I referred to Google Images for some punch tin pattern inspiration and printed out examples a a guide.

I hand drew my own design, but I could have printed out a simple pattern and taped that onto the lantern sides.

Using the recommended safety gear for drilling steal, and I started drilling the holes. Of course I also used a carbide drill bit, that cuts through steel.

faux-mock-punched-tin-metal -

I gave it all a light sanding, then a coat of rust colored primer, and then several coats of Looking Glass Spray Paint.

punched-tin-lantern-metal-bird-house -

I gave that all another light sanding to create a weathered look.  Finally I sprayed the whole piece with a clear coat sealer.

faux-punch-tin-lantern-patio -

The drilling part took me about 2 hours, which is not half bad.

In a perfect world, all the holes would line up.  But since this the first time I ever drilled a hole through steel, let alone A LOT of holes through steel, I’ll take it.

mock-hanging-punch-tin-lantern -

Ken did help me out by making a metal strap hanger, and he attached it with rivets.

If the punch tin experts show up, I might be in trouble!

repurposed-faux-mock-punch-tin-lantern -

Otherwise I’ve turned a boring black tealight miniature house into a hanging mock punch tin lantern, for about $6.00.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Amy

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  1. chris aka monkey June 22, 2016 at 10:50 am #

    perfection is highly over rated, i think your lantern turned out wonderful just as it is xx


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