Sun Porch Furniture Rearrange. Unconventional, But it’s Working!

You know that feeling you get when you re-arrange your furniture, It’s like you’ve solved a puzzle or something. For me, in this small home, I kind of feel like I’ve almost solved the Rubix cube. Well maybe just a little anyway.


In this particular instance, it’s because I’ve stared down my sun porch dining demon and faced the fact that our sun porch is just too small for the dining set I currently own and have placed there.

Dining table is 36″ across. Left side of sun porch is about 69″ x 92″  or 5.75′ x 7.5′.

Not to mention the porch may just be too small for any dining set, kitchen set, breakfast nook, etc…

Family members may have, ahem, even mumbled that it was a tight squeeze to sit down here for a meal.

But I just kept trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, what can I say!


So I’ve finally moved the dining set elsewhere, to be revealed, and I replaced it with my two oldest pieces of painted furniture. The buffet and china cabinet.


Yeah. up until now, I had been squeezing them in the living room, ala sardine style.


Since we moved in, the biggest challenge is that one-half of this sun porch has been used as Ken’s game room until we fix the leak in the basement.


So as you walked into the porch from the living room, the game room is to the right,


and the dining table has been to the left.


Small home unconventional sun porch rearrange

Here is how the left side looks now.


We don’t have a dining room which is where buffets and china cabinets traditionally go. But for now and maybe always, I’d like to keep both of these pieces. Unconventional or not, what matters most to me is that I love the new look on the sun porch. Of course the extra space in the living room is a bonus, to say the least.


The whole feel of this room has done a 180 for me. I have enough room to keep my small greenhouse and work on small projects such as trimming down the Easter grass I have been growing.

Small-home-sun-porch-furniture-rearrange | stowandtellu

I think the kittens are going to like the new arrangement, too.

Unconventional-sun-porch-design | stowandtelluAnd when seed growing season is over, this will be a nice little spot to sit with a cup of coffee and soak up the sun. Of course, I’ll need to try an find time for that:)



Thanks to my niece T for helping me move everything around.

Do you have an area in your home that could use a furniture rearrangement?

Go grab a helper and get it done!

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  1. Sharleen April 12, 2017 at 2:10 am #

    It looks lovely Amy.. Love your crisp white buffet and hutch. Looks like a lovely sunny spot..


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